Lesson 1: Don’t forget your ramp-up time (rejcx.moosader.com/2019/01/les) <p>I should have just expected my first few days in January to be time to set up my environments and properly explore different tools, instead of chomping at the bit to immediately get started programming. I realize now I need this exploratory time to really feel at peace with the tools I

Updated the Áya Dan message board to include more forums, and also did little improvements here and there to the website.


I think I'm done with today. I'm ready to go to sleep. But I hope I'm not as depressed tomorrow as I was today... I didn't get anything done. 😩

Oh yeah I haven't been posting much because it hasn't been working well with image uploads on my phone.

Thinking of short films I could make solo or with my sis and husband, coaching them on speaking constructed languages that they don't know. 🤔🤔

Guess I can't really start doing the art for this project until I re-read the entire book, looking for information about the characters and setting. Guess I'll do some sketches and take notes and then eventually draw out parts of scenes later on.

Chapter 1 of 15 re-read.

Like why is the book art a robot hand holding a tulip when the book doesn't have robot people (from what I remember)??

BTW if anyone wants to do a guest video on the Áya Dan channel in or about some , let me know. I'd love to do a full year of content with weekly updates, but that's probably not going to be possible solo. ^_^;

Hi internet. Today I slacked off and wrote a song in Láadan. I'll have to record a proper version with me playing my piano sometime later on.


@maverynthia The hard part about books is even knowing what the author even remotely intended for things to look like... there are almost no pictures and not often many descriptions. :(

Hey @maverynthia , I'm contemplating a video project where I read the 3 main serieses by Suzette, making an overview video for each book.

As I read/re-read a book, I'll sketch pictures as I go through it as visuals for the video and make notes and try to put together some sort of video about the plot of the book.

Sound like a good idea?

Trying to think of ideas for related videos to do for the Áya Dan channel in 2019...

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