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Trouble understanding our german talks? We do provide live-translation from german into english which you can choose as a separate audio track on the live streams.

Translators also use #pw19t to post translation relevant stuff in addition to #pw19.



oyoyoy estoy probando para hacer bricolages varios con el almacenamiento... . lo tenia pendiente de hace ya un tiempito :)

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Facebook requerido para salvar México es una mala noticia

Nuestra opinión de porqué pensamos que la petición del presidente de México a Zuckerberg para que ayude a llevar Internet a todo el país es una mala noticia. Y hacemos una recomendación

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@mwlucas my train to Oslo just stopped in the little swedish town Ed, where the famous editor was conceived.

@Digitalcourage ich mag lieber peertube. es gibt schon genug mastodon instances, meiner Meinung nach.

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RT @sven_kindler@twitter.com

Was die #CDU verbieten will:

- Cannabis
- Containern
- Volksentscheide auf Bundesebene
- Wahlrecht ab 16

Was die CDU nicht verbieten will:

- Waffenexporte an Diktaturen
- Mit 200 Sachen über die Autobahn rasen
- Glyphosat
- Neue Waren massenhaft wegschmeißen


🐦🔗: twitter.com/sven_kindler/statu

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Lmfao a friend got kicked out of a cafe for squirting breast milk at a brexit wanker
I'm fucking dying, this is amazing

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Der Kapitän des Rettungsschiffes #Lifeline ist zu 10.000 Euro Geldstrafe verurteilt worden. Reisch hatte mehr als 230 Menschen aus dem Mittelmeer gerettet.

Und jetzt erinnern wir uns nochmal an die Strafen für kriminelle Banker, Cum-Ex-Steuerbetrüger und Dieselmanager. Oh wait! twitter.com/kaffeecup/status/1

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So we have a trans rooster now! Mabel has decided he’s a boy now. It’s never happened before with our chickens so we’re a little confused that our hen has started crowing and being aggressive-rooster after a couple years of laying eggs but it’s cool we support him. Ideas on a new name lol?

LibreTaxi libretaxi.org/ ... it works via Telegram Bot ... I love getting rid of programming UIs and STILL being able of developing software usable for *normal* people (sic).

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Remember that technology is a tool. Use it to help yourself.

Huhu! Boss gave a ! I'll spend friday afternoon doing an assessment of the new toy. :troll:

mmm... I need a standard to substitute IMAP... does not support and won't do, but REST can do.

*As for microwave ovens and other appliances, if updating software is not a normal part of use of the device, then it is not a computer. In that case, I think the user need not take cognizance of whether the device contains a processor and software, or is built some other way. However, if it has an 'update firmware' button, that means installing different software is a normal part of use, so it is a computer.* web.archive.org/web/2016041003

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