Personally I love the japanese style of art but this made me lol.

I normally dont read babylon bee or the onion, I really hate political slant in either direction. But oh my god i spit out my drink at this...

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I have moved to @richardbaeck . Unfortunately is going to shut down forever!

War is profit. Therefore the moneyed classes wish to continue go to war by all means.
Just remember that they can not fight their wars without us since we are the ones fighting for their profit. We have the power to end their wars, the wars only they get better from.
Lay down your weapons and make the change needed.

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#NoWarWithIran #iranwar #iranusa

Yesterday, my XPS 15 laptop CAUGHT ON FIRE.

This photo was taken after I took it out of the rain I threw it into to help extinguish it.

Here's a few more photos.

I have been around and worked with computers my entire life. I have seen a minor spark. I've seen a tiny amount of smoke. Yesterday was FULL FLAMES.

I feel fortunate I was sitting beside it a home and not in transit.

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