Had a speaking engagement today, and I'm pretty wiped out. Always tired after those.

My book "Jake's 88" comes out tomorrow! So excited! It's a coming of age romance set in the 80s, and it's going to be a lot of fun. If you're so inclined, please do pick up a copy, it's out in Kindle and paperback, and help support an indie writer!

I've got a new online history class coming soon: Presidential Places History & Virtual Tour! The whole story of American history from 1789 to the present, seen through over 140 sites associated with all the U.S. Presidents. Read about it at my link, and if you become a $10 a month subscriber you'll get in free (class is a $280 value!)

After this week, this is how I'm feeling rn (6:38 PM Friday night). This is why I don't go out and party on Friday nights.

Brand new "Footsteps of World War II " video! Did you see "The Great Escape"? This is the real place where the real events happened, the site of Stalag Luft III POW camp in Zagan, Poland. You can see where the tunnel was!

I'm doing history videos again! Here's the first update in the "Footsteps of World War II" series in several months. This time we visit (virtually) a US submarine that was crucial in the battle of the Pacific.

Hmm, did we lose power last night or not? Our white noise generator machine says yes (it went to battery at 3AM), oven says no (clock not blinking).

High winds are coming up, I can hear the trees rustling in the forest behind our apartment. Best to get in bed and get warm, in case power goes out.

I fed my husband ground-up bugs for dinner. Show more

We didn't get a chance to watch "Strange Days" before New Year's so we're watching it tonight. It's held up surprisingly well. Can't believe this film is 24 years old. And Y2K is almost two decades in the past.

And, it's 2019 where I am. Take care, people. Let us make the world the place we want it to be.

No more fundraising emails!!!!! ARRRRGHHHH!!!!!! I've gotten over 100 emails in the past 5 days, almost all of them from the same causes multiple times a day. I hate this time of year.

The proof copy of my new book arrived, and I'm excited! "Jake's 88" is out in Amazon Kindle and in paperback on January 15.

My ongoing battle with woo believers, part 5533573726953727 Show more

End of the year, and my email inbox is filled with begs for money. Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, climate change, Jewish charities, writer's associations, libraries...y'all know I'm broke, right?

Remember when people other than billionaires could afford to live in San Francisco? Yeah, those were the days.

Damn it! I almost got through an entire holiday season without hearing that horrid early-80s synth version of "Deck the Halls" by Mannheim Steamroller. Then on December 28 I caught a snippet of it. I detest this song. Mannheim Steamroller is one of those things that should never have existed on Earth.

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