I cooked fish tacos tonight for the first time ever, and they were awesome, if I say so myself!

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In other news, I'm trying to chase down, through archival records, a suspected German spy from the World War II era. Really! I am! Probably going to be making a YouTube video about it.

Spent all day doing taxes. You know that "e-filing" thing that's supposed to make it super easy? It doesn't. It never works. NEVER. Filing the old-fashioned way, again, as I have every year since I've been paying taxes.

Just followed by a pornbot. So they've found their way here too...

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I may have saved my day job by taking (kind of) a demotion, although honestly I really don't mind that much...the new role is probably better for me anyway. We'll see how it develops.

Why does Olive Garden's food suck so much? I went there today for a lunch related to my work, and I swear they effed up a simple plate of rigatoni with meat sauce. It was awful and tasted musty. How hard is it to screw that up?

Tooting from my hospital bed, recovery room. Surgery seems to have gone well. Hope to be home soon. 👍

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Sooo tired. Long day, been working hard. Lots of things in the pipeline, though.

Just finished migrating my website over to a new server, a process that has taken 3 weeks. Will somebody give it a click and see if it's working for you? seanmunger.com. Thanks 👍

I have had some setbacks in the last week or so...to the point where most people in my position would be scared sh*tless. I am trying to rise above the fear and look to the future, because there's much to be optimistic about. I refuse to be beaten down.

Got bad tidings at my work today. Possibly a blessing in disguise, but the disguise is convincing...

This week, insane as it has been, may well go down as a very important time in my whole life. So much going on.

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Just finished editing my first marketing video showcasing me as a professional speaker. I think it looks great! Not quite ready to go on the website yet, but it's getting there.

Been hella busy lately. But big things are coming! Working on my first high-res, pro quality speaking demo reel, and I'm very excited about it. Also, website reboot soon.

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