Got into an elevator at my work today. It was empty, but the previous occupant had farted. Let's just say the situation was...suboptimal.

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September 20 is the birthday of three great ocean liners in maritime history: the Mauretania, the France and the Queen Elizabeth 2. Each of them shaped the of passenger shipping on the Atlantic.

Got a question for someone who knows language and word history. When did the expression "look at TV" get replaced by "watch TV"? People were still saying "look at" in the early 1960s. It was "watch" by late 70s. When and why did the change occur?

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I want to be a villain in a bad 80s sci-fi movie so I can beam a holographic image of my floating head into the enemy's command ship and taunt them.

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Movies have been changing, have you noticed it? I've finally tried to throw a rope around what I call the "Brave New World" cinema of the 2010s, highlighting minority voices or smaller stories, and bringing movies in a whole new direction. This will be first of a series. Enjoy!

It was a very good day. The first of the seminars I'm attending on how to become a professional speaker went very well and I learned a lot. Met some great people, interesting people!

This morning I'm going to my first seminar to learn how to get into the professional speaking business. Really been looking forward to it. This is my path, folks. 👍

In 1942 the S.S. Normandie, the most beautiful ocean liner ever built, burned at dock in New York...because a bunch of people were really, really stupid. A testament to idiocy:

The principal of the school where I'm teaching told me the kids were all talking about how much they liked my history class today. This is high praise from 6th graders. I feel good. Maybe this will work out. 😊

First middle school class went pretty well. 6th graders are a handful, for sure...

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Turns out Mastodon's not bad for cooking advice! Thanks for all the suggestions. For those of you interested, it turned out my husband was going to the store for another reason so I told him to pick up some ground ginger on the way.

I was interviewed on the most recent episode of the "Ask an Archaeologist" podcast! Had a great time talking about my current research, the importance of science communication, and what archaeology is like between the US and the UK! #podernfamily #archaeology #zooarchaeology #scicomm #podcast

So how's Masto for cooking questions? Can anyone suggest a substitute for powdered ginger? I've heard nutmeg plus paprika might do in a pinch, but anyone have experience with it?

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