I have had some setbacks in the last week or so...to the point where most people in my position would be scared sh*tless. I am trying to rise above the fear and look to the future, because there's much to be optimistic about. I refuse to be beaten down.

Got bad tidings at my work today. Possibly a blessing in disguise, but the disguise is convincing...

This week, insane as it has been, may well go down as a very important time in my whole life. So much going on.

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Just finished editing my first marketing video showcasing me as a professional speaker. I think it looks great! Not quite ready to go on the website yet, but it's getting there.

Been hella busy lately. But big things are coming! Working on my first high-res, pro quality speaking demo reel, and I'm very excited about it. Also, website reboot soon.

Is there an app or Chrome extension that blocks Simpsons-related memes? If you're a fan I guess they're funny, but if you're not, they're really tiresome. Actually not just memes but all Simpsons images.

Snow. Working from home. Kind of peaceful, actually.

I just got a message from someone very influential, who believes in me and what I'm doing. This has been a shit day, but to end on this note is quite inspiring.

Awful day. Snowstorm, both my out of town speaking gigs canceled, sick mom, sick friend, and lots of other miscellaneous shit. This winter has sucked, generally.

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I had nightmares last night about Vietnam. (I am much too young to have experienced it, born just before the war was over). Despite all the history I do, it is extremely rare for me to have dreams about historical events, much less nightmares. Hope I don't return there tonight.

You know, I love podcasts (and I am a podcaster myself), but I'm getting tired of the very long banter-filled podcast form. The thing where there's three guys, it takes them 20 minutes of aimless chatter to start talking about the topic of the show, then they can't stay on topic for all the riffing, inside jokes, funny phrases coined on the fly that they proceed to banter about on endless tangents. Stick. To. The. Damn. Point!

I had a speaking engagement this morning. It went well but it was a breakfast meeting and thus a super early call. Quite exhausted.

There are a million places around the world being affected by or connected to its history. Here's the first in a series of videos where I show them to you. Up first, Lake Baikal in Siberia, a place whose environment has been deeply impacted by global warming.

We are building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude! We forge our ways in the traditions of our ancestors!

I didn't do much today, just scribbled a bunch of notes for a book I'll probably never write. But my best accomplishment was not feeling guilty about not being productive today! We all need time off once in a while.

Slow day at work, and it's cold, dreary and snowing, I'm still not quite well and now my husband is getting sick. A pretty shyte Monday eve, to be honest.

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