My new favorite supporting character I've created: Cacho. 17 year old long haired hockey player who smokes a lot of pot, wears Grateful Dead T-shirts and likes crude humor. This is in my coming of age novel set in the 80s (1988). I love writing fun, quirky characters.

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My afternoon: teaching American Revolution to 6th graders.

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Your girlfriend has invited you to her family's annual reunion as an opportunity to meet them. According to the official invitation, it's being held on the weekend at a resort called Mt. Olympus. You can't wait to finally speak with her parents; Zeus and Hera. You've heard so much about them!
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Try as I may, I can never seem to spell the word "satellite" correctly on the first try. See, I just had to backspace and correct it here.

And I got *another* stupid comment just in the time since I posted this toot, accusing me of being a "total idiot" because I don't believe there's buried treasure in a hole where nothing of value has ever been found in multiple attempts over 150 years. Comment trashed and poster banned.

I have a series of articles on my blog about the phenomenon of "Oak Island," and why there's no treasure there. This happens to be the subject of a terrible History Channel show (which I haven't seen). I'm really tired of drive-by commenters on these articles vomiting up crap from the show and pretending it's conclusive. The show is fake, people. It's not real. So tired of history being distorted this way.

Sorry to hear about Stan Lee. Sad, but he had a very long, productive and eventful life.

I've been having a great time in Texas, but being such an effete Yankee I feel like I stand out a mile. I might as well be wearing a Union Army uniform down here.

Real Texas barbecue tonight. In Dallas. My God, I feel like I weigh 500 pounds.

Today is the 43rd anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, one of the finest ships ever to ply the Great Lakes. Why did this ship sink, and how is it remembered today?

Made it through the week, and now it's vacation! Get to visit the family in Dallas. It'll be great to see everyone again.

This week has gone surprisingly well. Elections not bad, I was offered a speaking gig, new deal at my work, and my middle school class is going extremely well. Plus I get to see my nephews this weekend. Maybe things are looking up?

Feeling OK today. My back treatment is working, elections not as bad as expected, and I'm taking a trip this weekend to see my nephews who I haven't seen in a long time. Things looking up?

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