Ack, my instance is shutting down soon. Got to migrate. Another thing to do this weekend.

Friday evening, and, as usual, I'm horrendously tired. It's all I can do to deliver myself home to my doorstep on Friday nights.

So sorry to hear about Neil Peart. Rush was a huge part of my musical education. One of the all time great bands and he was the heart of it.

Don't really want go to back to work and school this week beginning tomorrow, but what can you do. Bring it on, I guess.

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Gut wrenching scene from New South Wales of dead animals along the roadside. The bushfires are a climate change-fueled ecological disaster. We should not look away

This song is now 30 years old, and more topical than ever. "From a Distance."

Here is a year-end round-up of what I think is my best stuff from 2019: articles, podcasts, books, videos and webinars. Hope you enjoy!

I'm getting really tired of getting yelled at by believers in pseudohistory for one thing or another. Though I guess I should take it as a sign that I'm doing something right. Facts are so unpopular these days.

Seventh night. God bless you all. Let us find hope, peace and meaning going in to 2020.

Holiday thoughts. 

Finally feeling better. Been a Hanukkah full of icky sickness, basically.

Christmas Eve and my husband and I are eating spicy food, drinking wine and watching "Love Actually." Fight me.

Third night of . I am feeling better. Last night was pretty rough. Hope I'll do better tonight.

Sick over Hanukkah (and Christmas). And with family in town. That sucks.

Tonight was the first night of , and it made me grateful (all over again) that I found Judaism. Here is part of my story, a few years old, but still truer than ever.

After being out of the country for nearly 4 weeks, my husband is finally back home and I'm really happy about it. 😊

True fact: Stalin's granddaughter lives only a few miles from me. No one has any idea what she looks like. I could have been behind her in the checkout line and never know it.

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