Historians, or anyone interested in pop culture! This is the coolest thing I've seen on the web in years. Radiooooo, the musical time machine. Pick a decade, pick a country and sample what was on the airwaves at that time. Truly amazing project!

@seanmunger I ❤️, I just wish it had more pre-1930s music, but I guess that's what is for. Love Lazy Island and other oceanic music locations.


Okay this is cool! Combine this with Every Noise at Once to explore genres...


Yep, one of my favourite web things. And I really wanted one of those Radiooooo globe music players, but I think they abandoned the project, unfortunately.

I wouldn't even care if it worked or not. Maybe I'll try and build a fake one sometime as a mood lamp.

This is great.

In a similar vein, but more to do with mapping genre geneaology:

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