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Stu Fromoz

Hello all, its early Monday morning, and I need more COFFEEEEEEE

Its also 24 Celsius and 80% relative humidity...

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There's an interplay between the federated timeline and discovery of users from other servers who have no local followers yet, I'm wondering if the behaviour we introduced in 2.0.0 is suboptimal


Still looking for other and people. Also any other people...

Something tells me it will be a while before most of them find their way here...

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I should add, the concert is in June...

I hate doing this, posting from facebook to other sites, but currently this is the best link I have for what our choir is currently working on.... (our 20th anniversary concert, with 20 new works by australian composers)

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Every single time. Always on the flight back with a layover, my flight's delayed JUST enough to where I don't know if I'm going to make the next flight or not.

Hello from Oz.... Where we are all waking up...

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I wonder how fast information was travelling, say, in the middle ages? Like, if the King died, how long did it take for a peasant to know the news?

And, having just checked, it is now showing me that I am following the user in question, just not when I open in a new tab...

So yeah, looking a little deeper, it looks like it might be remote follow that is broken...

Is anyone else having trouble with authentication appearing to fail?

Just trying to add a friend I know from elsewhere, and it keeps trying to get me to log in...

Good Morning! Australia is awaking....

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So, I'm going to release my hobby computer adventure game (sci-fi, text parser, loose Doctor Who theme) sometime in the next fortnight - first and probably last official release it's going to get. Any advice for where to shout about it/promote it/host downloads/find players/etc? All thoughts and advice welcome.

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#MastoAdmins protip: if you suspend a local account, it permanently deletes *all* statues for that account, even if you un-suspend. Better be 100% sure when you click "suspend"! 😬

So, that five things hash tagged to find like minds?

Go nuts kids :)

(I'll be back later to see who liked those...)

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re last boost...

<looks at follower count>

I can't see myself having to do a proper introduction again for .... 5 months?

:rofl: :rofl: :joy:

But I'll just pop these here