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This is the official Mastodon account for the site switching.social.

It's a guide for non-technical people who are concerned about protecting their privacy online. It only lists easy-to-use sites and apps that are ethical and privacy-friendly.

You can find out more at switching.social

If you know someone who might benefit from this guide, please share the link with them!

Not relevant to privacy issues, but just want to say has the best usernames 😎

...and of course you can send them to the switching.social page about alternatives to πŸ˜‰


Any other ideas for getting people to make the switch from ?

Ideas for getting fans to try :

-Tell them how much friendlier it is on Mastodon, there are fewer trolls and it's easier to make new friends πŸ‘‹

-Show them that adorable "how it works" animation on joinmastodon.org 😍

-Find an instance that you know matches their interests and/or language, and invite them to join it πŸ‘

-Start your own instance and invite them to it, maybe even work on it together. You don't need tech knowledge if you use managed services such as masto.host 😎

If you have a friend or relative who is still using to navigate with, it means that is going to store everywhere they've been forever. This is hardly a good thing for .

Instead, you might want to suggest they try out the privacy-conscious alternative OsmAnd on their or , which lets them navigate without tracking their movements:


** Update your Twitter settings if you're still using it **

They enabled these anti-privacy settings by default, and they're being shameless about it "Hey you're in control! We're screwing you! See if you are quick enough to disable sharing the data we already sent to marketers?"

A Twitter sale to an even worse corporation is surely around the corner.

#Twitter #birb #privacy
social.coop/media/JMK6H9iiwDlo social.coop/media/0B50zsrHgH4k

If this is true, it explains why Zuckerberg is so insistent that they don't sell people's data.

Technically, the allegations would mean FB was giving data away for free, but simultaneously demanding that those who received the data also purchase a certain amount of ads.

In other words, the ads are just a payment method: you buy ads, we give you data (and it's all a total coincidence that companies that buy ads get more data).

So, according to these allegations, :

1. Lost lots of ad money when people abandoned computers for phones.

2. Panicked.

3. Got smaller companies hooked on access to FB users' private data (not ads but personal data).

4. Once the companies were hooked, FB forced those companies to buy expensive FB mobile ads. Companies that didn't comply had their access to user data switched off.

In short, they allege FB was using our data to control these companies.


Can people recommend privacy-aware alternatives to ?

I've already got OSMAnd listed for Android and iOS, but are there any other apps to be aware of?

As many commenters have pointed out, FB doesn't need the originals to screen revenge photos, just the hashes. So why is FB asking for the originals?

Exactly how intrusive do Facebook have to become before people get what they are up to? 🀦

Dear God 😱

are officially asking their users to send naked pictures of themselves so that can build a nude recognition system.


Amazon's bottom line is threatening our civil rights. Selling Rekognition face #surveillance to the government will endanger its customers and entire communities. Tell #Amazon to stop selling out our #privacy. action.aclu.org/petition/amazo

Apparently steals data directly from your phone even if you have never had an FB account, because the built-in android Facebook app phones home and cannot be removed:


Do you have a friend or relative who is still using a account? Did you know that all three billion accounts were breached?


You might want to tell them to switch to an provider that is built around :


This is a really important time to push free and open source alternatives to #Patreon! I've considered using @Liberapay, but was afraid I had to use Patreon to get the network effect.

Please tell people about #Liberapay, post about it on Reddit (r/patreon), vote it up on Alternativeto, etc alternativeto.net/software/lib

Please boost! This kind of opportunity to topple a near monopoly with FLOSS does not come often!
Are there other FLOSS #crowdfunding platforms?

's parent company apparently wants to weaken encryption on the service so that they can access Whatsapp users' data for .

If you or someone you know is still using Whatsapp, you might want to consider switching to a more privacy-conscious ethical alternative:


Your daily dose of dystopia...

Google's thought experiment of the "Selfish Ledger."

Understanding the user so completely as to change the behavior of that user, then applying that at scale to change the behavior of entire populations.

#Google #DeleteGoogle #FuckGoogle #Privacy


I just found out that by default, #LinkedIn sells user data to anyone without anonymizing it, regardless of visibility settings. #Linkedin is owned by #Microsoft.

You can opt out in the privacy settings, but this is something that should be allowed only after opt-in. #GDPR

If you know someone who is still using search, politely remind them that it records everything they search for forever. 😱

Then (also politely) suggest that they switch to one of the free easy-to-use alternatives which do not track users. πŸ‘

Perhaps you could even send them this link to make it extra-easy to make the switch 😎


There's now an official switching.social account on the , you can find it at:


(Just to make clear this is not an endorsement of Twitter, but a way to reach people who may not have heard of ethical social media.)