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This is the official Mastodon account for the site

It's a guide for non-technical people who are concerned about protecting their privacy online. It only lists easy-to-use sites and apps that are ethical and privacy-friendly.

You can find out more at

If you know someone who might benefit from this guide, please share the link with them!

CryptPad v2.24.0 introduces the ability to share encrypted docs directly with friends from within the share menu. You can also add colors to folders in your CryptDrive. Try it now on https:/ and see the release notes for full details:


Did you know you can embed toots from Mastodon on other websites and blogs?

Just click the "..." at the bottom of a toot and select "embed" to get the HTML code.

Here's an example of it in action:

@switchingsocial is there some good "open" alternatives to google keep (and other similar tools)? Possibly something that (in order of preference):
Allow to save the texts in some common file format;
Directly encript the saved files;
it's open source. Thanks! (disclaimer, due to lack of time I didn't searched on any search engine before asking here 🙂 )

Open source and fediverse is really cool, but I have simple and the most valuable question: how to move your contacts to fediverse things? For example, all my colleagues and family use telegram for personal messaging and slack for work-related things. Could you give me some ideas about how to "advertise" such tools like matrix for them?

For transparency, I've just deleted a post recommending XMPP client Zom as I've just been told it's being abandoned, as they are moving to Matrix.

Sorry about that, I didn't know.

(aka ) is an easy, widely used free federated chat system.

There are thousands of instances to sign up at, such as and

There are also *lots* of apps.

Maybe the most important thing is that an app supports OMEMO privacy:

Some recommended OMEMO-compatible apps:

Conversations (Android)

Gajim (Win/Linux)

Monal (iOS/Mac)

Friendica 2019.06 Released

Thanks everyone who contributed, be it directly by committing patches or new features, doing translations or reporting issues. And now, we happily announce the availability of Friendica 2019.06. It contains many bug fixes, enhancements of existing functionality and some new features. The most noteworthy changes since the last release in March are: Added native two-factor


Just to add, I'm not a lawyer so I don't know how Switzerland's surveillance laws are better/worse than other countries'.

It's difficult to know what to do with recommendations in this situation, as services are always going to be subject to laws of countries in which they are based and/or operate.

Is there a regularly updated table anywhere that compares different countries' laws in relation to online services?


(By the way, I don't speak German, the German language links I shared recently were for the German fork of which belongs to someone else.)

If I understand correctly, the article predates the response, and the article only talks about the response in the addendums. I thought this was just another link to the original article.

I think it's worth posting both links, because the author talking about a response isn't the same as reading both article and response.

Last week, @staltz published an article looking at the funding of open source projects.

It's a long-form article full of nuance:

Tl/dr: More needs to be done to fund open development, including more pressure on companies to donate to projects they benefit from, unionising, alternative licences and more donations in general.

This made me wonder, should there be a day on the Fediverse where we promote donations to a particular project? For example a ?

@switchingsocial I'm searching for an Office replacement on Android. (Available from F-Droid) that can handle .doc and PDF files.
Anybody knows anything?

Die Startseite von zeigt nun die typische Linkliste und die ersten Inhalte sind vorhanden 🎉​

An dieser Stelle bereits Danke an die vielen Beiträge im Repository - ohne euch wäre die Seite noch nicht ansatzweise so weit wie jetzt 🙂​

Natürlich ist trotzdem noch sehr viel zu tun und die Liste der fehlenden Inhalte lang - doch es geht voran 😁​

Und damit wünsche ich eine Gute Nacht ins Fediverse 😴​


I am the developper of reel2bits.

It’s a soundcloud-like self-hosted app, which goal is to be kiss and easy to use. And I am currently trying to implement ActivityPub support.

I would really love to have some more contributors than just myself to work better on it. (python3, flask, celery)

A matrix room have been created for that: And I have at least this week and full next one free to help anyone getting on the codebase.

Did you know you can search and type emojis on Mastodon just using your keyboard?

1. Type a : (colon) with a keyword straight after it with no spaces. This will automatically bring up relevant emojis.

2. You can select one with the arrow keys and the enter key.

That's it! 🎉

#Mastodon v2.9.1 is out 🎉

A new moderation API, audio uploads, and domain blocks that extend to subdomains automatically

You can also follow on the Fediverse:


@switchingsocial here’s an alt question: Snapchat/Insta Story alternative? I love the 24hr disappearing story concept. Would love to have that in a more ethical option.

Oh my goodness, it's 🥂

🔐 @privacyint Privacy International: Campaign group fighting to defend privacy

☎️ @Jami Jami: Easy-to-use free open alternative to Skype

🍭 @cloud Lollipop Cloud: Making it easier to self-host

:android: @gdroid G-Droid: Alternative app for accessing F-Droid

💾 @dosnostalgic Anatoly Shashkin: MS-DOS gaming nostalgia

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🇫🇷 French / En Français

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(These sites are run by their maintainers/owners, please contact them directly if you have feedback or suggestions.)

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