If you know someone who is still using search, politely remind them that it records everything they search for forever. 😱

Then (also politely) suggest that they switch to one of the free easy-to-use alternatives which do not track users. πŸ‘

Perhaps you could even send them this link to make it extra-easy to make the switch 😎

Searx rulez!

Perhaps you should also add link to searx instances so that everyone does not use the main one:
It helps people be aware that there is not realy one central seax instance.

@muppeth You're right in principle, but Searx is a bit tricky as it's quite difficult to explain the concept of instances for a search engine. What does a non-technical user get out of using a different instance?

It's easier to explain for Mastodon because different instances have different themes/rules, and also people already familiar with concept of e.g. independent but linked email providers.

@switchingsocial great list! - I'll take the chance and tell you about our European privacy services from @Findx - We build an independent Search engine, and privacy control to protect you when browsing - more at

@brianschildt Did you consider adding your mobile app to F-Droid?
True that. Just the fact searx is decentralized. Also it makes it easier for guys are that already deal with quite a load. Some months back was offline for a day or two because they wanted to promote other instances.
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