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Is anyone doing a alternative to Meetup.com?

It's useful for local events, but very expensive for organisers ($15 a month for a basic events page). People pay purely because others use it, an open alternative would be ๐Ÿ‘

Meetup's "network effect" might be overcome because it isn't a global network (e.g. someone in London is only going to care about meetups in London).

Also, an open alternative would be perfect fit for , each community having its own instance.

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Cool, send a message if you are doing beta testing!

@switchingsocial I haven't announced anything but that was my plan for the AP app i'm currently writing

@switchingsocial @balrogboogie This is directly relevant to my desire to find local early musicians.


Yeah, apps do seem to be important. For some people if there's no app the site doesn't exist.

@switchingsocial there is upcoming.org/ which isn't federated but is open source.
There is the federated h-event p-rsvp model from indieweb:
indieweb.org/event indieweb.org/rsvp

which is decentralised

@switchingsocial The Contributopia project, launched by Framasoft (which also launches support campaigns for Peertube), proposes exactly the same in its roadmap contributopia.org/en/services/


Thank you for the info! Is there any timescale for the roadmap, when this might happen?

@switchingsocial Contributopia is basically an invitation to build new tools together. I don't know what has been done yet.
cc @Framasoft

@switchingsocial That would be a great idea! Unfortunately, I don't know of anyone who's working on that exact situation yet.

@switchingsocial Is this something that can be built on ActivityPub? If so, I think that the project I'm leading would be a good use case, as we want users (educators) to meet up IRL: moodle.com/MoodleNet

/ cc @mayel

Upcoming.org is another events site using a free code engine, I don't know if they have any interest in federation (yet)


I remember this issue came up years ago, but people stick with FB and Meet up corporate scum because #terrorism. Time to code alternatives yo

@switchingsocial oh, I did miss Mailman on the list. But I think the wiki link has better alternatives.

@switchingsocial The only one I heard about is WanaWana (github.com/Psycojoker/wanawana). It looks like pre-alpha at this time, but the French advocacy group Framasoft announced plans to fund an alternative to MeetUp this year and this is one of the software they were considering for their future "framameet" service.


Yeah, I saw that in the degoogleify list, but it looks a bit abandoned? ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

@switchingsocial The main guy behind Salut ร  Toi (which is based on XMPP, so there is federation) has started something. framasphere.org/posts/3965620 (post in French)