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Hello users,

Any recommendations for beginner-friendly easy-to-use easy-to-install well-supported Linux ?

(Apart from )

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@switchingsocial I'm currently using Debian 16.04 and I'm doing great. I'm not very friendly with Linux use but did just fine. So it's great I guess. And it has a lot of great features and a easy way to install them from the store that it's already marked on the browsers favorites

@switchingsocial I think Ubuntu is best if you need "beginner-friendly easy-to-use easy-to-install well-supported"

@switchingsocial Fedora or especially for beginners ElementaryOS

I'm a beginning Linux user and Elementary has been a positive experience.

@switchingsocial Ubuntu has reached a size where it's the assumed Linux on the desktop, and users of other distros are expected to be more savvy.
I definitely wouldn't recommend Mint, because it's just an Ubuntu rebranding.

@kit_darko @switchingsocial Do you feel similarly about Zorin and Elementary, as others have mentioned, then? They both are Ubuntu derivatives, as well.

@jaklumen @switchingsocial Pretty much, yeah.

The biggest reason to provide an alternative to Ubuntu is to not be beholden to Canonical. Piggy-backing off of them doesn't achieve this.

Even if you're saying "use Fedora", at least Red Hat is a second party.

Personally I don't think debian is that user-hostile, but it's definitely not as bulletproof to set up as Ubuntu or Fedora

@kit_darko @switchingsocial Indeed- someone told me that Debian can be a little more work to set up. But that didn't strike me personally as user-hostile, per se. What think you of LMDE, then, the Linux Mint distro that is based on Debian Jessie, NOT Ubuntu? It is considered a rolling release, and the site does claim it's not recommended for novice users for a few reasons.

@jaklumen @switchingsocial I think that I would take them at their word - if they say it's not for novice users, I wouldn't suggest their use by novice users.

I've no skin in any of these btw; I use Arch and love it.

@kit_darko @switchingsocial Of course- it's best to use whatever suits best. Incidentally, I'm looking at Groovy Arcade, an Arch-based distro for arcade emulation et al. I was running into problems getting MAME to work right on my regular desktop, so a specialized distro seemed the logical next step.

@switchingsocial Many people recommend Linux Mint.

Personally I recommend #Fedora. With the fedora media writer it's easy to install, with an active community around all the fedora services (apps.fedoraproject.org), including #fedoraMagazine and whatcanidoforfedora.org, it's easy to use, and of course it's well supported, thanks to #RedHat ^^

But as I said, that's just my opinion ^^

@sheogorath @switchingsocial I've heard really good things about Fedora and Red Hat for almost 20 years. I prefer the GNOME desktop, and setup does look easy peasy. I should give it a look again.


I have found that this question is actually age related. I help people crossover a lot in my local community.

The middle age chaps who are exposed to Mac tend to like Elementary OS, older generation tends to feel more at ease with Zorin OS and Linux Mint.

Quite a few have shown interest to move from Ubuntu to Debian after they were on Ubuntu for a while and started reading about stability and such.

I find myself more at home with Debian / Arch / Fedora in that order. 😀😀


I went in as a Linux beginner to #debian and while there was a bit of a learning curve, the community and info out there made it very easy to pick up what I didn't know.

But do tend to go for #ubuntu or #xubuntu if I need an easy quick install for something or someone else #windowstolinux

#MX-linux if you want everything tweaked up out of the box.

@switchingsocial Only insane people run Gentoo. So I wouldn't recommend it until you become insane. Unless you want to speed up the process... It's what I run.

@switchingsocial It's based on #Ubuntu, but #Xubuntu isn't bad, as far as the desktop maybe being a little more familiar for people coming from Windows. I've also been using Fedora lately, which is #Gnome based but seems pretty solid.

@switchingsocial other than the prettier interface, what do you like about Elementary?

(i run Ubuntu and Lubuntu right now)

@switchingsocial I read your other replies, and I've looked at a few non-Ubuntu distros. Mostly, I speak as a gamer. I found it easiest to stick with Ubuntu and its derivatives to stay gaming. Indeed, Good Old Games (GOG) and Steam do the same, mostly listing Ubuntu specs for Linux requirements. The only exception I make is for arcade emulation- MAME on a regular desktop is becoming a pain in the butt.

@switchingsocial So I've been looking at distributions packaged specifically for MAME and other emulators. I tried PuppyArcade (based on Puppy Linux), but didn't find it intuitive. I'm looking at Groovy Arcade next (incidentally, it's based on Arch).

It is based on Arch but has a more friendly installer.
I think it is better suited than *buntu, since it is rolling release and therefor users don't have to worry about wether they are on the latest version and do not have to migrate their systems every two years.