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Do you know some online alternatives to Amazon for purchasing books, and ?

Ethical here means things like supporting indie , or any bookshop that treats its workers well and pays its taxes.

@switchingsocial Chapters-Indigo is a big Canadian chain, but they pay and treat their workers well, even during xmas rush (My brother worked there over xmas in high school multiple times, and quite liked it. Wished they would have let him stay on after xmas)

@switchingsocial While it's not supporting shops, if you're in the US, there are loads of libraries that have a vast selection of e- and audiobooks. I basically don't buy them at all anymore.

As for wanting to purchase, I stick to Barnes & Noble, who, while definitely not indie, have much better labor practices.

@switchingsocial I've heard good things about purchasing physical books from

I also do a lot of buying ebook bundles from

@switchingsocial I would include any EBook shop that does not encumber their books with DRM.

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