makes money from videos promoting extremism. Its algorithm radicalises viewers, because it wants people to be angrily clicking on more videos.

YouTube is tearing society apart by encouraging us to hate each other:

The most promising ethical alternative to YouTube is , which is decentralised and in beta testing.

You can support development of PeerTube to a release version at its crowdfunding page:


On the plus side, it does recommend some great music sometimes

@switchingsocial I don't agree with that characterization of YouTube. If anything, YouTube has too much censorship, and it censors in an arbitrary and opaque way. Some of the radicals who used to have YouTube channels gave up years ago because they were constantly battling with unfathomable censorship. Mostly what's remaining now are fake/lifestyle radicals.

But I do encourage people to use PeerTube instead. If you're creating video content then find a PeerTube instance.
@bob @switchingsocial

If you're creating videos and want to find a PeerTube instance, you can check


In the post's context, I'm using the term "radicalise" to mean YouTube encouraging negative things like hatred/racism/violence/threats/paranoia/extremism.

Obviously the word "radical" can also mean neutral or positive things, but that's not what it refers to in the post.

@switchingsocial @ajeremias @chocobozzz Yet if the concepts and ethics of #Peertube are undeniably great, isn't it an important (almost more important..?) privacy problem that *everyone* can see the IPs of *everybody else* watching a specific video?

p2p is great but in that case it is lots of (personal) data being publicly distributed as well..

Is that even fixable?

#FuckOffYoutube #FuckOffGoogle

@FuckOffGoogle @switchingsocial @ajeremias trivially if we had a capability-based network fabric instead of a location-based one

@FuckOffGoogle you could use a VPN. I2P is an anonymous network that supports torrents.

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