After the chaos over 's inexplicable takedown and enforced monetisation, Blender is now testing its own instance:

Thank you to @rysiek for pointing out that you can follow 's new PeerTube instance on Mastodon at @blender

(It works because both and use the standard)

@switchingsocial The best part about this is that I can help by just leaving a tab open with my favorite Blender Open Movie on it, seeding more views to make the bandwidth costs for them more managable. :3

@switchingsocial @rysiek @blender How does it work? Like, what about their account that would appear on PeerTube appears on the Masto account?


If you're following them through Mastodon, you will see posts from their account when they upload new videos. The post contains a link to the video and the video itself embedded too

You can like the video post, reply to it and boost it it just like any other Mastodon post.

@switchingsocial That's super cool!

Does that mean Pixelfed can (does?) do the same thing where a Masto account can follow your account on there and see the posts as though they were toots?


The developer @dansup will know best as PixelFed's federation isn't finished yet, but yes, I think you will be able to interact with PixelFed posts as though they are Mastodon toots.

@switchingsocial @dansup That will be... so much better than the current "get a new account on a network you're not on just to see my content" method of people who use Twitter to announce their Insta posts.


Yes, indeed. This is how things should work, sites co-operating and complementing each other instead of being closed off.

There are other sites in development that also using the standard, such as Reddit alternative @prismo

@Magess @switchingsocial Yeah, assuming your app supports all the necessary Document types (Image, Video, Note, Article, etc), it can show them in your feed no matter where it came from. If it doesn't support the types, it can at least show a title and URL very trivially.

@switchingsocial wild ain’t it? Then again, it’s almost like RSS at that point, but without needing to setup a bot account to turn an actual RSS feed into a social feed.

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