.@mhall119 is developing an ethical alternative to called .

There's already a flagship site up and running:

The dev is working on support and is requesting feedback on what more needs to be done:

If you're interested in helping federate GetTogether, join the discussion at the link above.


Not explicitly, but this is an open source federated project, so it's innately a more ethical alternative. There is definitely a need for something like this. effectively has a monopoly due to the network effect, and makes group organisers pay $15 a month for features that probably cost only a few cents to run.

@switchingsocial I totally get that yeah :P I just asked because the instance you linked to has the third-party services on top of the page, showing preference for that over the local sign in.

I get that's a personal preference thing but I hope that's an option that one can change

@brandon @switchingsocial login and sharing via 3rd party services can be configured on a per-instance basis, you can turn them all off if you want a privacy focused site

@switchingsocial @mhall119 I'm surprised it has no #CLA considering Michael Hall works for #Canonical 🙃

Disappointing it is not #GPL though.

@gutigen @switchingsocial I haven't worked at Canonical in over a year. It's BSD because Django is BSD and that reduces impedance mismatch.


A lot of people use it, which means the owners of Meetup can charge organisers a fortune (it costs $15 a month to have a simple events page).

@switchingsocial Why do I need a website for that? Can't I write a blog post? If signing up is the issue, it's an exact replication of Facebook events?


When you sign up to Meetup, you give it your location in real life. It then shows you upcoming events and groups near you whenever you log in. This doesn't happen with blog posts, because they're not part of an events network.

The problem with Meetup is it's a non-federated commercial site with a very strong network effect. People are pretty much forced to use it if they want to find local events, and prices for event listings are far too high.

@switchingsocial I read that as I essentially needed to start some local instance. My apologies.
This is precisely why I chose to tinker with #Hubzilla as a federated FOSS social media hub; There’s event managagement built in by the exchange of iCal cards and JSON data. It would be nice if this could somehow be added to the ActivityPub spec or as an optional subset somehow. Federated calendars for event planning and syncing anyone?


If the GetTogether network is federated as planned, instances will be free to choose whichever TLD company they want.

@switchingsocial @bortzmeyer Precisely, I hope to see things like gettogether.gnome org or

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