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switching.social @switchingsocial

Hello !

Any good with accounts on here that people could follow? Developers' accounts count too.

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@switchingsocial there's @akien / @akien who is part of the @godotengine team. Not a game per se, but a massive contribution to gaming and game dev

@switchingsocial Can't say whether mine are specifically good or not, but I have a bunch of games that I've released under F/OSS licences \o/ gitlab.com/Cheeseness


@themightyglider is working on an open-source Rogue-like project called RogueBox Adventures

@LogicalDash is working on an open-source life-sim engine called LiSE

@selea @switchingsocial

And it's done :) Would you like to contribute this list?
You are better than me at this. I will give your gitlab account the access permission if you are interested :)

I wont say that I am better :)
I just played alot of games on Linux back in the days, sadly happypenguin.org shut down a couple of years ago. I was thinking about reviving it but I do not have any skill in coding at all.