The blogging platform aims to be a federated open source alternative to , and is under active development.

It's still at a pre-Alpha stage, but you can get regular updates from the lead developer at @BaptisteGelez (the account is on a Plume instance but it federates through , so you can follow it on Mastodon etc).

There's a demo Plume instance at:


Developers can find out more here:


I'd be really glad to see a medium alternative comming.
About the rating system, I have not yet a better idea, but hope that there's a way to improofe.
It seems to be giving popular posts always way more visablity then to those that aren't.

@switchingsocial @BaptisteGelez this are great news. I don't really care for other activitypub projects other than blogin and microbloging platforms. Maybe if someone start an #activitypub #reddit that will make all my main Internet activity on Internet fully descentralized

@switchingsocial looks really interesting. Activity pub is really in everything these days, isn’t it?

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