Hello RSS fans!

Can you recommend some good open source readers that are suitable for beginners (i.e. easy to install and easy to use)?

All platforms considered: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone

(For phone apps, they should be installable from the default app store.)

@switchingsocial its not the most mature program, but if you are not looking for sync between multiple devices. Liferea is really good on linux.

@switchingsocial for GNU/Linux only: Liferea. Light and does the work very nicely.
And for those who would like something online and who can self-host (only requires an Apache-MySQL-PHP server): FreshRSS

QuiteRSS: using it now (and have been for years).
Lightweight and fast.
Available for *nix, Windows & Mac

@switchingsocial I put Tiny Tiny RSS on a webserver that I use for other things as well and access it through my browser on my computer and through the Tiny Tiny RSS app from f-droid

@switchingsocial So it's a good solution if you already have a web server that you have control over

But I realise that's not everybody

@switchingsocial I've used Vienna for several years, and can happily recommend it to anyone wanting a good macOS RSS reader:

@switchingsocial I use The Old Reader, which is browser-centric but has an okay Android app (you have to add feeds from a browser)

@switchingsocial I've tried a couple of open source #ReallySimpleSyndication readers. I went back to #Liferea, so that is my #RSS #FeedReader recommendation for users with setups similar to mine. My OS is 64-bit Linux Mint 18.3.

@switchingsocial I use liferea on Linux. It does the job.

You cannot synchronize the reading status across multiple devices, this is the main downside for me.

@switchingsocial personally I host miniflux, it's pretty easy and fast to set up and use :)

I have access to a NextCloud instance with the Reader app installed, thatʼs perfect for web use. On Android I use the OCReader app (available from @fdroidorg store) to connect to it.

@switchingsocial Newsboat for GNU/Linux, Flym for Android.

Although Newsboat is a CLI app, it's quite easy to set up and use for basic things IMO.

@switchingsocial On my mobile I've used Flym and Feeder. I think both are in google store too.
On desktop liferea but only works in linux U_U

@switchingsocial Liferea. -> list of applications gives you a more big list

@switchingsocial I have used both quiteRSS and BanditRSS and I have had a good experience with both. Cross platform too. :3

Both can actually auto detect youtube links. just a fun fact :D

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