In case you missed it:

, the open source federated alternative to, now has its own Mastodon account:


@switchingsocial @GetTogetherComm Cool! :D

*searches on it*

There are two events in 1000km of me X'D

But that's pretty much true of the non-floss ones too X'D


@GetTogetherComm @switchingsocial Someday I'll be financially/domestically independent and able to be out of the closet where I live :'3

@codepuppy @switchingsocial The world is a pretty great place, maybe the people you need in life are out there waiting for you. I hope you find them 😀

@GetTogetherComm @switchingsocial oh yes there definitely are the right people all over :"3
(just scattered around)
(waiting for me to build a place for us to live in happiness :"3 )
(I just hope I don't run out of green paper before I do ;_; )



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