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@ring Ring: The decentralised open source alternative to Skype

@Tusky Tusky: Popular Mastodon phone app by @ConnyDuck

@elementary Elementary: Easy-to-use open source operating system based on Ubuntu Linux

@Framasoft Framasoft: The leading French promoter of free software (en français)

@GIMP GIMP: Open source alternative to Photoshop

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Can anyone report about their experiences with Ring? I've been trying Tox recently, but it's desktop sharing abilities are still too unstable. Is the situation better with Ring (in the sense that one can recommend it to non-technical-enthusiasts), or is is still under heavy development?


I've used Ring calling non-technical people and it's worked very well, that's why I recommend it on The text messaging side is a bit barebones (no emojis for example) but voice and video are good.

It's very simple to use, the call quality is good and I had no problems installing it.

It's also available in every app store, so it's easy to convince non-techie friends to try it. They also had no problems setting up their accounts

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