What day is it? 🗓️ Friday! Time for for :gentleblob:

@tom79 Mastalab: app for

@tuxether Anancus: Open alternative to (see also @prismo , another open Reddit alternative)

@ubuntustudio Ubuntu Studio: Version of Ubuntu aimed at artists, audio producers, video editors etc.

@fsf Free Software Foundation: Oldest organisation promoting open source software

@DavitMasia Davit Masia: Fun pixel art 👾

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"Free Software Foundation: Oldest organisation promoting open source software"

That noise you're hearing is steam emanating from Richard Stallman's ears.


@switchingsocial The FSF is promoting Free/Libre software rather than "open source" software.

It's not comparable to the modern open source movement.


I get the feeling I've put my foot in it :blobpats:

Just thought "Free Software Foundation promotes free software" sounded a bit daft, so I tried to mix up the language a bit.

Didn't realise there was this kind of history to these terms :blobastonished:

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