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@cryptpad CryptPad: Open source collaborative editing with maximum privacy

@peerpx PeerPx: Still in early development, open federated alternative to photography site

@matrix Matrix: Official account for the open communications standard (as used in Riot, Librem5 etc)

@fsfe FSF Europe: Campaigning for free software

@inogart Irene the pigeon yeller: Art and occasional webcomic

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Can you give me the host name for @peerpx? I'm on a tiny instance, and it didn't show up for me.

@switchingsocial thanks for the FF :) is there any way we can get Riot listed at or anything stopping us from getting listed?

@matrix @switchingsocial

Large metadata collection and end to end encryption not turned kn by defaut?

@Ashpex @switchingsocial fwiw some deployments have turned on e2e by default already, and we should be able to do it for private rooms in general in the coming months. no point for public rooms. metadata is limited to the servers you invite to a given room so can be (and is) contained if you only talk to folks on trusted servers. meanwhile we’re working on p2p too for those who don’t want their metadata on a server.

@Ashpex @switchingsocial (also, worth noting that other services currently on the list are either centralised and could track /all/ metadata without anyone being able to confirm (Signal), have no e2e-encryption at all (Jitsi), or leak just as much metadata as Matrix (XMPP)... :/)

@matrix @switchingsocial

Signal doesn't leak any metadata other than the time of account creation and the date of the last connection to Signal servers. This is proved.
But I agree that Signal is a centralized service, Moxie is hostile to people running Android ROM without Google services. This shouldn't be trusted 100% and wouldn't be my choice of IM. But again, you would like to take a look at SwitchingSocial's purpose.
About XMPP, could you be more specific?

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