Want to find your Twitter friends on Mastodon?

There's an easy-to-use tool that does just that:

Please spread the word, it may make new users feel more welcome on here 👍

(via @renatolond )

@switchingsocial il ne manque pas un petit encart sur ce que vous faites de nos données sur ce site (sûrement très utile au demeurant) ?

@switchingsocial @renatolond HA! I was just complaining about not finding any of them. You are making my day, friends!

@switchingsocial if we had multiple accounts there, or we set up multiple accounts on Mastodon, what's the easiest way of handling that?

@switchingsocial Any ideas why when I try to login with my instance it fails, though.


Might be a lot of traffic on the service right now, could try it later?

If it consistently fails, I think the admin to contact is @Gargron (though I am guessing he is rather busy with the influx of new people).

@switchingsocial @renatolond I have 3 twitter accounts & when I use this it defaults to one I dont want and can’t be changed. How to fix? Ta

@XavierJulep @switchingsocial if you need to, you can disconnect the twitter account by visiting
After that you can connect again with the right one!

@renatolond @switchingsocial I tried that before and it failed, probably because i have the twitter app installed lol

@XavierJulep @switchingsocial ah, could be, I don't know how it works in that case, maybe the twitter app forces the login with the account you're logged there? 🤔

@switchingsocial @Digitalcourage @renatolond interessant. Wer ist da verantwortlich, zu was wird die Datenbank noch genutzt? Etwas mehr Hintergrund dazu wäre toll.

@switchingsocial @renatolond do you know how to download your "favorites" in twitter? It's the only what I need to complete my migration to mastodon. On the other hand, is there a way of downloading favorite toot in mastodon as JSON list? Thanks in advance. PS: favorite is what you do when you press heart icon in mastodon

@somenxavier @switchingsocial In Mastodon you can download all your data (which I think includes favorites, unless I'm mistaken) by going to preferences -> export -> request your archive, it's been a while since I tested it, but I think it's a json format.

In twitter, you can also request a takeout with all your data, including favorites, by going to settings -> your twitter data -> request your file
(I think it's that one, there's two files, one I think it's only your tweets)

@renatolond @switchingsocial In twitter you can *only* download your posts, all other data is missing, following the procedure you commented.

@renatolond @switchingsocial worked this time, proceeded the username with an @ - got a non specific error message

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