If you have an smartphone, you might want to try installing the @fdroidorg app store.

F-Droid is an alternative app store that only carries apps that respect your privacy.

To install it, go here on your Android phone:

Click on Download F-Droid to start. (You may need to allow installation of unknown apps, either when prompted or in settings.)

For a more in-depth look at on F-Droid, see @ChrisWere's video:

@switchingsocial @fdroidorg @ChrisWere
And have a look to
This will be a android without Google data mining. #/e/

@switchingsocial @fdroidorg @ChrisWere It’s awesome. And heck, it's not even a store (which is great) but a catalogue. Maybe we should even call it a library :)

@drequivalent A library, to me, also implies an agreement to check out and return materials. @aral @switchingsocial @fdroidorg @ChrisWere

@switchingsocial And if you install the priviledge extensions, it can even auto update itself and apps installed from it. No more temporarily enabling "unknown sources" when installing/updating via f-droid 😀

@switchingsocial For android 8.1 I had to install an alternative file browser app and give it permissions to install from unknown sources (couldnt allow default file app). Then used that file browser to install fdroid. then gave f-droid permission to install unknown. seems like they make it harder and harder each version.


Thanks for the warning. Do you think this is a deliberate policy by Google? 😟

@switchingsocial @Hawk1291 I think this is mostly aimed to obtain more security in Android itself rather than locking it down.

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