, the open federated alternative to , is due to get support towards the end of the year, in its 2018.11 update.

You can already follow Friendica users through Mastodon using an older standard. For example, the official blog is here:


If you want to try it out, a good example instance is:


You can follow development and contribute here:



Some screenshots to give an idea of what it's like to use.

It features a familiar -style timeline in the middle, an FB-style events system, and there's also groups (sort of).

If people want to switch from Facebook, this could be a really nice alternative for them once is added.

It also works as a feed reader, you can "friend" RSS addresses and they then appear in your timeline as if they were users.

@switchingsocial can you run your own instance like with mastodon and pleroma


I think they're related projects?

Friendica is easier to use though.

@switchingsocial If I remember correctly the original author of Friendica (Mike Macgirvin) started doing Hubzilla (Red(matrix) at the time) as a fresh restart OF fREINDICA. I always thought Hubzilla would replace Friendica at some point. But that hasn't happened...


Just my opinion, but Hubzilla's interface is a bit intimidating :/ Maybe they could tweak it a bit?

@roelofpieter @switchingsocial Friendica and Hubzilla have different directions. Friendica is focused on communication with other networks, while Hubzilla is more some universal tool where you can upload and store files, publish your blog posts and so on.

@switchingsocial Cool, and it's in PHP. Gonna check it out. Thanks.

I've been looking for a distro that looks/feels like Facebook (because even tho FB sucks, its user interface for non-techies is simply the best). Hopefully we can pull the good ones away from the toxic mess of Old Social Media.


-Federates with Mastodon, you can follow people on Mastodon
-Has FB-style events feature
-Has FB-style photo albums feature
-Lets you follow RSS feeds

@alfred @switchingsocial It does support multiple protocols and has much more features - but is more complicated to use.

@switchingsocial Excellent! It really has changed a lot since I last used it!

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