There's an interesting community project on here called :

It's a list of people to follow on the , organised by category. You can follow people individually, or follow entire category lists.

You can add yourself to the list by sending a message to one of the site admins. Remember to include which category/categories you want to be listed in.

(via @eloisa )

@switchingsocial @eloisa I've tried to follow several lists now and all attempts fail with some kind of error. This is the current error message:

Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET /trunk/do/follow.

Reason: Error reading from remote server

@switchingsocial @Jason_Dodd @kensanata I'm at a loss here. This is definitely something for Alex.

Meanwhile, thanks for understanding! :mastodon_oops:

I know manually adding or just following one at a time from Trunk works for some people who are getting errors.

Not sure if that'll be your case. :blob_grinning_sweat:

@eloisa @switchingsocial @kensanata Thanks for the reply. I'm a little bit on the lazy side and don't have a burning desire to add people one at a time. Was mostly checking out trunk. I'll wait a while and give it a try in a few weeks.

@switchingsocial @eloisa trying to add a list gave an authentication error. I'll try it from a desktop

@switchingsocial @eloisa

I'm using mastalab on android, but to authorise a following I still have to sign in again on my instance website whether external or internal browser.

Does mastodon have the functionality to sorta 'store' requests so that you can authorise them when you are using your normal app/ sign in location. For when you come across something you want to follow on some random/public computer but don't want to sign in or can't remember your password.

@fjr Hi!

I'm going to tag Alex, who is the person behind the code of Trunk, and Tom from Mastalab here. Maybe they can help you. :)

The Mastalab integration with this project is very recent and the Trunk project itself is still fairly new. Thank you understanding! :blobheart:

Cc: @kensanata @tom79

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