"Buried in the new and privacy policy is an unannounced program that uses information about how you use your device, including the approximate number of phone calls or emails you send and receive...to compute a device trust score when you attempt a purchase."



If anyone's wondering what the are to Apple's iPhone and Google's Android, here's a couple:

lineageos.org/ Lineage OS: A version of Android with Google's services stripped away as far as possible.

puri.sm/shop/librem-5/ Librem 5: A new kind of privacy-centric open source smartphone made by @Purism

@jannamark @Purism

It's not very easy to do, but in theory people can install Lineage OS on a number of different Android models. Lineage is like Android but with the Google stuff removed.


(In the real world most people will not be able to do this installation, so they would have to find some kind of expert to help them.)

@switchingsocial @Purism there's also NecunOS in the making apparently. Hope it's more affordable than Librem5 lol

@switchingsocial As far as I know, Fairphone's OS also strips out Google software. The hardware is also conflict-free - mines and production lines are audited to make sure they're not supporting civil war armies.



Fairphone's great, I've had a section on them on switching.social for a while 👍

Unfortunately Open OS isn't installed on Fairphone by default. The naming is a bit confusing but Fairphone OS (the default OS) has Google in it, while Fairphone Open OS (the optional OS) doesn't have Google.

You have to download and install Open OS yourself:


@switchingsocial Thanks for clearing that up, I honestly didn't know. I've been eyeing the Fairphones for a while now because Right to Repair is a big thing to me. I had a Sony M4 Aqua a couple years back and its potted construction meant that a loose screen connection ruined the entire thing.


For environmental reasons the tech world really needs some kind of government regulation to make components and support standard. Companies aren't doing it themselves.

Even if it was just standard sized user replaceable batteries together with long term security updates, it would make phones last a lot longer.

@switchingsocial @greatjoe this is how we ended up standardising on miniUSB (or is it micro?) for charging. A good thing all round!

@switchingsocial @greatjoe If I got it correctly, if you want to sell Android phones with Google Play Services, you were not allowed to also sell phones with other modified (i.e. "google free") versions of Android. That's why FPOOS needs to be installed manually.

This practice is (partly) what got Google in trouble with the EU: "Google has also blocked phone makers from creating devices that run forked versions of Android"

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