Friendica, the federated open source alternative to Facebook, has just released its 2018.09 update:

The 2018.12 update (due by the end of the year) will apparently include support :blobcheer: :blobaww: :blobgrin:

You can try Friendica out right now on instances such as,, and others:

You can also follow the Friendica blog at @news

BTW: I can guarantee that #Friendica will include #ActivityPub by the end of the year, since this comment here is posted via AP with Friendica 😁

The code needs cleanup and yet not everything is coded, but it is working well so far.


That's great news, well done to everyone there! 👏

@test5 @switchingsocial great, I’m going to switch to Friendica when AP support is done 😄

If you're not familiar with Friendica, it looks like this nowadays:

@switchingsocial Diaspora* has some catching up to do in terms of UI/UX.

@switchingsocial how does this compare to Hubzilla? I know they have similar roots but I found Hubzilla to be unintuitive and the learning curve was too difficult to imagine trying to recommend it to less techie-minded folks.


Friendica is much easier than Hubzilla.

Friendica is an FB-style social network, while Hubzilla is unclear about what it is supposed to be.

@switchingsocial that's what I was hoping for, I appreciate what Hubzilla is experiementing with but it needs to hide its complexity much better to gain traction.

I would like a Facebook-like alternative that provides closed social networking features, but I don't want to become the single point of tech support for my network which is certainly what I'd get on Hubzilla.

@stardot @switchingsocial I was looking at Hubzilla for my fb replacement platform. Haven't actually tried it yet. Will have to give Friendica a look as well.

While I can appreciate advanced/experimental features, ultimately need to consider ease of use for anyone who might consider transitioning from fb.

@xavavu @switchingsocial if I understand it correctly they are planning to leverage the technology to build some simpler apps using a subset of the features. It's seems like a sensible direction to take the project

@switchingsocial I didn't realize that Friendica was still going; though it got rolled into one of the many other projects like Tent/pump/etc.

Also, no one is going to #deletefacebook except celebrities who could afford to during that campaign. Don't get me wrong, not a fan of the wastebook platform, but I think there were other things at play:

Is there a Friendica instance I can just tie to FB and forget about engaging with people in the federated network? If not, I might be interested 😂

@switchingsocial You could, but don’t bother. I tried it and it’s full of corporate spam posts—just like Facebook— and people who got thrown off other social media platforms for being asshats. Otherwise—good luck. Hope you have a better experience than I did.


If you don't mind me saying, that's a bit unfair, it depends who you are following. Personally I found it very friendly and supportive 👍 began on there.

(And if it federates with ActivityPub, you can use it as a FB-like interface to follow your fediverse friends.)

@switchingsocial I don’t mind you saying that but what I described was my actual experience. In a word, it was gross. Made me really appreciate Mastodon culture, fwiw. Because the culture you establish on the platform is just as important as the ownership or architecture.


The rare times I saw offensive stuff it was federated posts from Diaspora rather than being on Friendica itself.

The supportive atmosphere I mentioned was mainly Friendica members. The developers especially were keen to listen to feedback, and there's a good atmosphere on the support forum.

If they introduce AP on Friendica, the federated posts would skew towards the fediverse (which doesn't include Diaspora).

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Hubzilla is very clear about what it is supposed to be.

Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using common webserver technology.

Most people just ignore this because it isn't what they *want* it to be. However if you want a basic social network app based on Hubzilla technology but can't be bothered to find out what advantages this technology provides, you might want to look at Osada (ActivityPub+Zot6) or Zap (Zot6 only). These are easily accessible "social" applications which can introduce you to the advantages of using Zot6 technology (privacy, encryption and nomadic identity). You can use Osada as a pure ActivityPub server and it runs circles around most other ActivityPub servers. If you switch to Zap you have a lot more privacy and security possbilities but less people you can interact with because their social clients don't provide security, privacy or mobility.

The choice is yours.

ActivityPub+Zot6 social networking out of the box. No complexity,

Zot6 social networking out of the box. No complexity.


-Friendica includes photo albums, events and a forum system

-Friendica has very active developers adding new features etc, Diaspora's development seems to have stopped

-Friendica is getting ActivityPub so it will federate with the Fediverse (mastodon, pixelfed, peertube etc), Diaspora isn't getting AP

Anyway you can choose who you follow or not On Friendica and even Diaspora you don't have forced advertisement
@Shaunyata If I will take a guess, you were using the "Federated Timeline". It is no different if you use Mastodon, Pleroma, diaspora*, Misskey, Hubzilla, Socialhome. If you are using the Federated Timeline as your "Personal Timeline" do expect to receive everything the instance you are using is federated with. It iw working as intended.

Recent example, Wil. Everyone in Mastodon who are using the Federated Timeline as their own "Personal Timeline" were enraged, angered, shouted CW, etc. They weren't even following him in the first place! And if they chose to follow him and sees his posts in their "Personal Timeline" then unfollow him! It even led for Mastodon's developer to issue a reminder against such behaviour.

You can't police the Federated Timeline. It is unmoderated by design. It's how it is since the first social federation instances came online. You can't blame a platform like Friendica for it because that's how federation and the Federated Timeline works.

Secondly, I think you are reacting to the instance owner not Friendica itself. You can move to another instance if you want. Or just don't use the Federated Timeline as your "Personal Timeline".

If chat is what we want, IRC is very match alive or use Matrix.

But seriously, you can't blame the platform just because of one instance's admin's choice of setup. You can't blame the software when all of them work under the same principle.
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