The latest version of doesn't delete Google cookies even when you ask it to delete all cookies:

It also does some dodgy stuff with logging people into Google:

Chrome is made by Google, who make vast amounts of money from invading people's privacy.

The best easy-to-use alternative right now is probably Firefox:

@switchingsocial here’s the dirty secret as well: despite all of googles money, Firefox is more accessible to blind and visually impaired screenreader users.

@TheFake_VIP @switchingsocial Mozilla, makers of Firefox, are largely funded through so-called ""search royalties"", and the party that has contributed the most to Firefox in this way, the past ten years, is... Google.

@switchingsocial I have no answer to that. I guess the advantage of Firefox is that you can see what they put in it, if you have the programming chops.

Probably, but Mozilla's decaying: e.g., pushing advertising via Pocket on the new tab.

I was thinking of switching to Midori.

@FoolishOwl @switchingsocial the pocket recommendations are not ads and Mozilla or Pocket does not receive money for that. They are just the most-read/saved articles.

At least a third of the articles Pocket recommends are published by marketing firms. If Mozilla and Pocket aren't paid for the advertising, that should at least simplify the problem to one of curation.

@FoolishOwl @switchingsocial so first you have to know that it is somewhat personalized, so if you e.g. visit many marketing sites or so, it is totally expected to display you more of that content.

Personally, I have never seen any marketing artcile (press release or what you mean by that), most are just from news sitzes, magazines, rarely some blogs or so…

Here's Mozilla's statement, from April 30, announcing that with Firefox 60, they would start including "an occasional sponsored story in Pocket's recommendation section on Firefox New Tab."


@FoolishOwl @switchingsocial Aha, okay, das kannte ich noch nicht. Gut, ist aber da von USA die Rede, habe es selbst ja auch noch nicht gesehen.

Da müsste dann aber sicher statt "Beliebt" da was anderes stehen… (sponsored oder so)

@FoolishOwl @rugk @switchingsocial I don't use Pocket and have never received anything... no ads or anything. The only pop up I have in FF is when a new version is available. (Which I haven't yet figured out how to turn off)

@shellkr @FoolishOwl @switchingsocial you can easily disable autoupdates or such things in the settings, but apart from that, you should obviously keep Firefox up-to-date for security and stability reasons.

@rugk @FoolishOwl @switchingsocial No, I can't... I can only chose to "install new version" or "get notified about it". No other option is available.

I do update it often but I let my package manager do it. If I let firefox handle it... it will crash.

@rugk @FoolishOwl @switchingsocial Thought my avatar would give a hint... but Arch Linux. I run FF v63.

@shellkr @FoolishOwl @switchingsocial hmm… okay, then I assume you know where to report such problems to. Crashing when updating is certainly not expected. And the notification may also be better patched out or so – at least I did not saw so anywhere for me, although my distro also delays Firefox updates a little.

@rugk @FoolishOwl @switchingsocial Why should I report something that isn't really supported? I click the update and it opens a page where I can download a tar.bz2. I then have to manually extract, build and install......... or I can let my package manager do it automatically and also keep a track of it.

So the notification is useless and can't be turned off...

@shellkr @FoolishOwl @switchingsocial then this is what needs to be reported… I mean if the package manager does updates, Firefox should not propmpt you for that.

@switchingsocial it's done this kind of thing for a long time. Using extensions to block/autodelete cookies and localStorage doesn't work at all on those secret tracking IDs.

@switchingsocial i just wish firefox stopped pulling some weird and questionable tricks...


Firefox isn't perfect, but it seems to be the least worst option right now, at least for non-technical people.

@switchingsocial I keep Chrome around for web sites that won't work otherwise. Firefox doesn't help in that situation. :(

@bgeerdes @switchingsocial
Many people report websites that only work with Chrome (probably because they use non-standard code).
Would Chromium be a suitable alternative here?

@tux @bgeerdes

Geez, Google really is trying to break the internet if you have to use a Google browser to view it :/

@switchingsocial, Christoph Tavan, the guy who started that thread on birdsite, posted a correction:

> Brief correction: Cookies seem to get removed and re-created immediately. At least the cookie content and creation date seems to change. Nonetheless: After hitting the "remove all" button you still don't end up with an empty cookie jar.


Doesn't really help though if it just replaces them with new cookies :/ It's not what I would call deleting something.

Granted, @switchingsocial, this may be surprising, and I do suspect they might find a way to fix it (other than putting a warning right next to thet button). Although, the way you've just put it makes me wonder how that should look like... I'm at a loss here, maybe "delete" should imply blocking cookies??


Delete all cookies should just mean delete all cookies, so that the cookie folder is empty when you check it.

The latest version of Chrome isn't doing that.

I'm trying to understand this, @switchingsocial. So the auto sign-in should do its deed only when you actually open a relevant page? What if you're using your google account to log into another, non-google site, would that still work?

I don't use chrome myself, so I can't test this easily.

Sorry for switching accounts, m.c. won't let me post as @RefurioAnachro :-/

@RefurioAnachro @RefurioAnachro

This isn't an auto sign-in feature, this is the clear cookies feature.

Clearing the cookies should sign you out of everything, but Chrome isn't doing that, it's keeping people signed in to Google.

@switchingsocial And as I like to do, I'll shill for GNOME Web, Midori, and my own Odysseus.

They run well on most other systems than Windows and Mac.

@Zulgrib @switchingsocial You can tune how many thread it should use in preferences... Under the performance section you have "Content process limit" and then you set it to a lower number.

@switchingsocial @shellkr Apart reducing CPU usage, how will that fix the fork bomb behavior ?

@Zulgrib @switchingsocial This will also reduce memory usage.. if you need even more you can use Tab Suspender which unloads a tab until you need it.

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