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Hi, anyone interested in working on a federated alternative to TripAdvisor (traveler and tourism information, reviews, chat, travel album, ...) ?

@switchingsocial @nextcloud @Chocobozzz @pixelfed @anfora @funkwhale @GetTogetherComm @BaptisteGelez @write_as @dev @prismo @tuxether @calendar_social

@nico it would be AMAZING to have such open-source project available and i would love to contribute but i'm affraid i don't have any free spare time left for this. The only thing i could eventually help with is a frontend development (Vue.js)

re: List of #ActivityPub projects in development (October update) Show more

List of #ActivityPub projects in development (October update) Show more

List of #ActivityPub projects in development (October update) Show more

List of #ActivityPub projects in development (October update) Show more

List of #ActivityPub projects in development (October update) Show more

List of #ActivityPub projects in development (October update) Show more

List of #ActivityPub projects in development (October update) Show more

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@er1n @switchingsocial Looks interesting.Unluckily it has too few features currently to try it out correctly but hopefully that will change in future.Is support for the Mastodon client API planned so that all Mastodon apps can be used?Maybe I'll run a instance of it when it's ready for use.I already thought about running a Mastodon instance but I'm not rich and Mastodon needs so huge and expensive servers to run correctly.Running on a raspberry sounds nice 👍

@nipos #ActivityPub for federation and #Mastodon API for clients?
Are you serious? :-)
We should target at having #ActivityPub API for clients also for real interopability
@er1n @switchingsocial

@yvolk @er1n @switchingsocial As far I know there's not a single project which uses the ActivityPub Client API and also no client which supports it.The Mastodon API is perfect for interopability.Mastodon,Pleroma and Pixelfed support it and there are dozens of clients for it.It makes much more sense to support the Mastodon API but don't forget that you can also support both at the same time (like Pleroma supports both Mastodon API and GNUsocial API),then probably some people create apps for the ActivityPub Client API and you can still use every other app while you're waiting.

@nipos Unfortunately, #Mastodon API uses instance-specific identifiers (just like #Twitter, which _is_ a single instance from a user's point of view), which locks a user to this instance. Long story is starting from this comment:
@er1n @switchingsocial

@yvolk @er1n @switchingsocial Maybe you're right and it isn't the best but it is what everyone uses.There are so many great clients for it.A network which doesn't support it needs completely new apps.And the unavailability of apps are things which often piss off the users of Friendica and Diaspora as far as I know.

@nipos Of course, using custom API instead of an open specification may be a temporary solution only.
Regarding client applications support: all clients that currently support, may be easily tweaked to support #ActivityPub
@er1n @switchingsocial

@yvolk @er1n @switchingsocial Oh,that's interesting.I tried a short time before I found Mastodon but nobody was active there so I never came back and it doesn't seem to federate with Mastodon or Pleroma.I wasn't aware that there are so much people who create apps for it.

@nipos is not about public site feeds for anonymous visitors. It's about interactions between people, who already found each other.
What's a key here, just like in ActivityPub, is that you don't need to care about which instance you are logged in: you can discover the whole network, starting from any point. And this is the same for client to server layer of #ActivityPub...

@nipos ...And this is close to how you browse the Internet clicking on unique URLs: you don't browse the Internet via your "home" site/page, you only start from it...
@er1n @switchingsocial

List of #ActivityPub projects in development (October update) Show more

List of #ActivityPub projects in development (October update) Show more

what about GangGo, Socialhome, Rustodon, Misskey and @pfefferle plugin for WordPress? FWIW, I do hope that Osada gets a mention. You are doing the Federation and Fediverse and those that find their way here a great service. While Osada may not have oodles of documentation, I've found it to be the most intuitive user interface when I put my Facebook Refugee hat on. (And I'm on Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla, Mastodon, and Pixelfed for comparison.)

If I had more days in my week, I would gladly donate my time to document the heck out of it. I do plan to make it my destination recommendation for my friends looking to leave FB. And I plan to be there to walk them through the transition. I hope that more Fediversians check it out.


I'm happy to take a look at it :) Is there an onboarding site for Osada, or a website designed for non-technical people, or an example instance?

(I could only find the git.)

If you want something like "{Silo} Alternative" then what I can personally think of is:
Osada is a Facebook-like social-network which can communicate with Twitter-like platforms (Misskey, Pleroma, GNUsocial), follow Instagram-like photo sites (Pixelfed, afora(?)), connect with YouTube-like software (PeerTube), and any services on ActivityPub (Friendica, Hubzilla, Socialhome, WriteAs), while giving YOU the power to move to any Osada servers virtually without losing anything.

There isn't a feature that Osada and Hubzilla does not have. Groups, Pages, Status updates, commenting, photo and video upload, file uploading, photo albums, likes (and dislikes), emoji, Android app (Hubzilla has one), follow not add, add/connect, block, filter, profile/page header, avatar, what else? Privacy controls (much better than Facebook). Anything else an "average user" and "non-techie" are using that weren't mentioned?

Advertisements? Not an average user.
Meta tags to link websites with a profiile or page? Not a non-techie user
Mega moderators? Any Fediverse software and instance hired an outsource to be mega moderators?

For me, it isn't about techie and non-techie. It's about value. "What's in it for me?" We have a very good ratio of techie and non-techie already, in fact, ever since the days of Laconica and Mistpark (2008? I can't recall).

I know a lot of techie and non-techie who either doesn't want to give the Fediverse a try or simply abandoned the Fediverse and went back. The top reason was always value. Not the documentation or lack thereof. Not because it's simple enough to understand (it's an insult to some). Not because of features (although it is obviously a factor). Not even because of anonymity, privacy, and security. (Yes, UI is also a factor here.)

It's value. "What's in it for me?"

Each person have a different criteria, in other words, we can't sum it up to "techie" and "non-techie". This was one reason why I shutdown my public Friendica instance back in 2011/2012, I was doing it wrong, I have to go back to the drawing board. I even disappeared from the Fediverse after that in my quest to understand why people are sticking to Facebook (in particular). It is indeed the value.

How I would rewrite it:
Osada is a social-network—similar to yet different from Facebook—which can talk to your family and friends in a Twitter-like platform like Misskey and Pleroma, follow great artists and photographers from Instagram-type services running Pixelfed or Afora(?), or even watch the latest cat video or vlogger episode from a PeerTube-powered video hosting, with just one Osada account forever.

@Mike Macgirvin Yep, I didn't mean it in that way. :) I only mentioned both since these two are largely ignored and dismissed. But nah, I didn't mean the two are the same. :)

@switchingsocial Thank you for the list. But it is only about servers, communicating with each other using #ActivityPub protocol.
From a Client application's (and its users) point of view it is even more interesting to know, which of projects communicate with its users/with client applications via #ActivityPub. Client to Server "layer" of ActivityPub allows for a User to have single view on all social networks ("projects"), which is much more powerful...

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