Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web, recently unveiled Solid, a new initiative to try to give people control over their data:

Berners-Lee's article:

Solid official site:

Any thoughts on this?

@switchingsocial I hope we can make a snake game for it and call it SOLID SNAKE lol

@switchingsocial I can't for the life of me figure out what it is.

@switchingsocial my only thoughts at this looking at all of the other projects that enforce a more cleaner approach to privacy and data control

@switchingsocial Well, being a new initiative to give people control over their data, maybe they should not use google apis and analytics... I still have to read it, thanks!
@switchingsocial a pleroma dev, @kaniini spoke about this project the other day if you're interested.

@switchingsocial Only if data sharing is E2EE does it grab my interest, otherwise it's just moving my data to another single point of failure from what I'm seeing so far.

@switchingsocial It seems like a limited, corporate-friendly rebranding of ideas that have already been explored in more serious long-running projects, though it's hard to tell because actual technical details are missing or hidden. It's great that TBL still regrets not doing a better job in 1990, but this doesn't seem like a viable way forward & he has a tendency to ally himself with projects whose failure throws earlier, better work under the bus.

@switchingsocial Hopefully, this will be more like what TBL's "semantic web" did to distributed declarative programming/constraint solving, rather than what TBL's "world-wide web" did to hypertext. But, my worry is that in five years, people will look at IPFS or SSB and say "what is this SOLID shit? so 2019!" and then dismiss it.

@switchingsocial The idea is certainly fascinating and it will be interesting to see if it works at scale and who adopts it.

The large data collecting companies will not go near it initially as it wrests control from their hands, but if enough people start using it then maybe it will become the norm.

The idea of "pods" with a users data that the user then controls what applications connect is cool. Opens up the possibility of multiple online identities.

@switchingsocial I really like the vision and the principles under #scuttlebutt (dig this if you don't know, it's worth). On the #SOLID side, there are vague but exciting discourses and nothing really tangible at the moment (where are the docs and the canonical implementation?).

My current concerns are the potential interop / compatibility (or not) between #scuttlebutt and #solid.

@switchingsocial ok, ok, I read a bit your TL, you already know scuttlebutt 🙂

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