Added European privacy-aware search engine @Qwant to the list of alternatives:

(By the way, defaults to your local language, you don't need to speak French to use it!)

Just curious, how do you like StartPage? That's what I usually use because it gives me better results than DDG but I'm wondering if you choose not to recommend it for a reason.

Wow that's a lot haha, thank you for the response. Looks like I will have to reconsider my choice of search after all.


Don't know much about them, is there reason to be concerned?

It's one of the biggest publishing companies in europe, especially germany, and therefore in a superior position regarding "public opinion". Most of its publications (in germany) are since decades very controversial, spreading rightwing to far-right positions e.g. hatred towards minorities. Majority owner of the company, the Springer-family, is one of the richest in germany. Whether that is a reason to be concerned is up to you. I won't trust them.


Geez... I'd rather not list any sites connected to large corporations due to their tendency to monetise as much as possible :/

It's a 20% stake so they're not exactly owned by them, but still... :/

Exactly.. Yes as I wrote only partly owned but thats enough to avoid them if you ask me.


I'll give this some thought, thanks for info.

Balancing one risk (alternatives to Google) with other (problems with those alternatives).

@vulpesvulpes @switchingsocial Fucking hell, I didn’t know that :(

Axel Springer isn’t a publisher, it’s a behavioural advertising company. “The core business of [Axel Springer] is to deliver ads to its visitors. Journalistic content is just a vehicle to get readers to view the ads.” – Axel Springer’s lawyer;

If Axel Springer part owns #qwant, it should be front and centre on

Do. Not. Trust.


@aral @vulpesvulpes

This is getting difficult :/

-Google is worst option, trying to steer people away from that

-Other large companies (MS Bing etc) aren't any better than Google

-Qwant part-owned by corporation

-Startpage run by people with perhaps dubious intentions

-SearX is a bit overwhelming for non-technical users

...that leaves DuckDuckGo, but I don't want to steer everyone to one site, because sooner or later it may be compromised :/

@switchingsocial @aral @vulpesvulpes it's better to steer people to something that is the least-bad solution right now, and make it clear that it might change, than to leave them to be gauged for data by the Microzon Facegoopple.

Think of it as harm reduction, not as a silver bullet.

@rysiek @aral @vulpesvulpes

Yeah, that's what I've tried to do on

Not really any other way of handling alternatives I guess.

@jlhertel @switchingsocial @aral @vulpesvulpes I was going to mention it too. Never got it to provide good results yet, though.

Which reminds me, I need to run it on my server.

@switchingsocial I used Startpage for quite a while, whats potentially dubious about them? I'm out of the loop on this.


Well... for example, one of its creators, Katherine Albrecht, thinks we're living in the end times and that RFID/NFC tags are "the mark of the beast".

Scroll to the video section near the bottom of the page:

She's written a kids book warning about it and discusses it in podcasts.

@switchingsocial @aral @vulpesvulpes I do prefer searx, and for non-technical users, you have some instances they can use:

@aab @aral @vulpesvulpes

It's the search results page that concern me, it's too crowded and confusing.

If someone could make a version of Searx that has a calmer layout it would help a great deal.

@switchingsocial @aral @vulpesvulpes someone shared this the other day. Seems about on par with duckduckgo in terms of privacy. Feels pretty green capitalist but better than nothing.

What about just using It's from searx creator and there's no setup.

Of course the real problem with the metasearch engines is that they're still using the service you're trying to get away from. Kind of feels parasitic. Like we're befitting from the expense if others.
@vulpesvulpes @aral

@switchingsocial @vulpesvulpes @aral I'm currently using which is run by a foundation and supported by a university.They also offer a Tor hidden service what is important for me.Another good one similar to MetaGer but with partly different sources is

@switchingsocial @aral @vulpesvulpes That'll change if I have anything to do with it.

Now will my design ideas for browsers take off...?

@switchingsocial @aral @vulpesvulpes - I've said it before, we are the only independent European Search engine - We might be best on Danish results, but we are in the game...

Need to mention to.

Features, relevance, speed... a lot of elements to cover as a search engine - but in the end It comes down to trust..

@switchingsocial Which, again and again and again, leaves us with the question: How can we provide people like smartphone end-users (who aren't at all tech-savvy in many cases) with a search application that is ethically acceptable while, first and foremost, it just does what people expect it to do - find the things they're looking for (and not running a search server)? This, too, will need funding for operations and development in order to work out right.

@aral @vulpesvulpes

@vulpesvulpes @switchingsocial
Axel Springer owns 20% of Qwant ?
Huh, I didn't know that either ! :-(

I really liked #quant, especially back when it had the 3coloumed search-result (Web/news/social)

I went searching for a source on the Axel Springer investment, here it is:

(I didn't see anyone posting it yet, sorry in case I missed it)

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