Just had a request for open source alternatives to Google's .

Any suggestions?

@switchingsocial tbh this kind of auth requires _slight_ centralization; it'd be very tricky to pull away from

@jalcine @switchingsocial someone posted around here about remaptcha which is a similar idea but helps open street maps? I don't know much more than that

@jalcine @switchingsocial Actually I don't see why a service like this needs a third party at all, let alone a central one. You generate randomly some visual question which a human can easily answer but a machine only with AI. This needs code that easily could run on every webserver where you need a captcha.


It sounds easy in theory but more difficult in practice due to the higher accuracy of AI.


@switchingsocial I checked out alternative to and it seems there are a few, like Securimage, Sblam! and Negative Captcha. There is also visualCaptcha though it is no longer being actively developed it works, apparently.

@switchingsocial I found this but have not used it, I have a 4chan pass due to being a VPN user and the few sites I use that use Recptcha take forever to complete them

@burek assuming you’re referring to all the alternatives listed on that site, no they’re definitely not all open source


@burek oof you’re right, my bad, I clearly read your post too quickly & missed a word, sorry about that


@switchingsocial this!! even KDE uses it. it's just training google's AIs for free


The idea I have seen that seems the best to me is to include a hidden form field and then a bot will fill it out whereas a normal user cannot see it and will not fill it out.

If the field is filled out then the form entry is rejected.

Maybe getting a specific use case would be more beneficial though as this may not cover all circumstances.

@jeff @switchingsocial
I love that idea - and it would be perfect for the Anti-Social media site I keep threatening to work on.
(You sign up for an account, and fill in your profile. There is a post button, but if you click on it, it deletes your account for trying to be social! :perfect:

Very cool conceptually, but the way it's designed and phrased looks utterly confusing to non-OSM people. And did I read correctly that it currently requires the person doing the test to be a registered OSM user?

Calling this a beta seems a bit generous. 😀

But I like the idea!

Word of warning about the OSM captcha, it's beta and you might want to check if it's installable

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