Just had a request for open source alternatives to Google's .

Any suggestions?

@switchingsocial tbh this kind of auth requires _slight_ centralization; it'd be very tricky to pull away from

@jalcine @switchingsocial someone posted around here about remaptcha which is a similar idea but helps open street maps? I don't know much more than that

@jalcine @switchingsocial Actually I don't see why a service like this needs a third party at all, let alone a central one. You generate randomly some visual question which a human can easily answer but a machine only with AI. This needs code that easily could run on every webserver where you need a captcha.


It sounds easy in theory but more difficult in practice due to the higher accuracy of AI.


@switchingsocial I checked out alternative to and it seems there are a few, like Securimage, Sblam! and Negative Captcha. There is also visualCaptcha though it is no longer being actively developed it works, apparently.

@switchingsocial I found this but have not used it, I have a 4chan pass due to being a VPN user and the few sites I use that use Recptcha take forever to complete them

@burek assuming you’re referring to all the alternatives listed on that site, no they’re definitely not all open source


@burek oof you’re right, my bad, I clearly read your post too quickly & missed a word, sorry about that


@switchingsocial people should consider, that captchas are a major issue for many people, included disabled/handicapped, people with bad sight, etc. There needs to be a different solution to prevent spam/bot-ing. Does anyone know of a solution to THIS?

@JayVii_de @switchingsocial

The correct answer is human intervention. Don't automate this, just have users interact with a real person before letting them finalize registration.

Before you say this doesn't scale, ask yourself, does it need to?

I just managed to get rid of spam posts with an additional and visually hidden form field, that needs to stay blank for successful submission and only bots fill it. Some kind of honeypot.

@switchingsocial this!! even KDE uses it. it's just training google's AIs for free

@switchingsocial Have a look at the Google alternatives list of @mrdatenschutz I added all good captchas I know to it and there are some other alternatives from other people.


The idea I have seen that seems the best to me is to include a hidden form field and then a bot will fill it out whereas a normal user cannot see it and will not fill it out.

If the field is filled out then the form entry is rejected.

Maybe getting a specific use case would be more beneficial though as this may not cover all circumstances.

@jeff @switchingsocial
I love that idea - and it would be perfect for the Anti-Social media site I keep threatening to work on.
(You sign up for an account, and fill in your profile. There is a post button, but if you click on it, it deletes your account for trying to be social! :perfect:

Very cool conceptually, but the way it's designed and phrased looks utterly confusing to non-OSM people. And did I read correctly that it currently requires the person doing the test to be a registered OSM user?

Calling this a beta seems a bit generous. 😀

But I like the idea!

Word of warning about the OSM captcha, it's beta and you might want to check if it's installable

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