If you're interested in self-hosting online services for yourself, your family or your community, there are a number of projects on the Fediverse trying to make it easier:




You don't need an expensive server, cheap machines such as old desktops/laptops and single-board computers (such as the ) will work too.

@switchingsocial @yunohost @bob @freedomboxfndn self hosting is important. Unfortunately most isps don't like you running a server farm from your house, but for small stuff it should be no issue even hosting something on a VPS providers is still better than nothing

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and windows 10 has IIS Server included in the Pro and Enterprise editions. All you have to do is install and configure.

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What I would like to know is how you can estimate roughly what level of hardware you'll need.

I'd love to try something like a #RaspberryPi 3, but with over 30gig of photos alone, I'm concerned that it wouldn't have enough ram to get decent performance out of NextCloud+Yunohost. I've been feeling like I need something with more ram, but most of these boards are limited there.

@Blort @switchingsocial @bob @freedomboxfndn People tend to underestimate the power of ARM board. In fact you can host quite a few things on it.

Also don't get confused ... Hosting 30 Gig of photos has nothing to do with RAM usage..

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I get the difference between RAM and HDD space (personal pet peeve - people who refer to storage space on a phone as "memory").

The problem that I already run into though is that my Yunohost VM with 6gig of RAM regularly has errors when it runs out of RAM due to Nextcloud using it all when I do something like sync to a new device.

Few of the boards I've seen have >1Gb of RAM, let alone 6...

@yunohost @switchingsocial @bob @freedomboxfndn

So yeah, I get that RAM usage and storage space usage are different things. It's just that memory intensive operations by Nextcloud seem to become more and more memory intensive as it's forced to deal with more and larger files (especially video files).

@Blort @switchingsocial @bob @freedomboxfndn Hmwell then, to me that looks like a Nextcloud "bug" in the way it uses resources in the specific context of having big files and not an issue of "not having enough RAM" :s

@switchingsocial it's true that you don't need an expensive host to run these softwares, but in my experience the raspberry pi is the one platform to avoid for that use case! You're better off with some used computer! The pi has limited network thoughput and slow CPU cores! Any decent used computer can host more than one hard disk and has at least a fully functional 100mbps network card. Old Dell optiplex computers even have gigabit cards!

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