With the imminent release of federation for @pixelfed , a reminder that there are many photo sites on the way for the :




As they will federate together, it means many platforms can co-exist without worrying about splintering the userbase.

When a decentralised site grows, it makes the others stronger too, because they all benefit from the same network effect.

Centralised sites just weaken each other until one monopoly site dominates.

@switchingsocial @pixelfed there aren't any iOS apps for Pixelfed yet, are there? Or is the idea that we're just going to use general fediverse apps (like Amaroq)?

@schlink @pixelfed

The only specific Pixelfed app I know is @morii (for Android) but I think there might be others?

I think @dansup did say that PF would work with Mastodon apps too?

@switchingsocial @schlink @pixelfed @dansup 1) there's also picpub (name WIP) by @crushv! 2) PixelFed supports the Mastodon API (with some extensions) so apps made for Mastodon should work with PixelFed. :)

@morii @switchingsocial @schlink @pixelfed @dansup @crushv I’m not sure to understand how they’re not in competition with each other.. can you explain please?

@imacrea @morii @switchingsocial @schlink @pixelfed @dansup @crushv Each platform federates with each other, which means a pixelfed user and anafora user can follow one another, and whatever is posted from one shows up on the other. So more people using anafora is good for pixelfed because pixelfed users have more people to follow and get content from.


If you use Instagram and your friends join Flickr instead, you'll have to move to Flickr or you'll lose contact with your friends.

If you use Pixelfed and your friends join Anfora... that's fine, because you can still follow each other as these platforms federate together through ActivityPub.

If any part of the ActivityPub network grows, all the platforms on the network get a bigger audience and all members get more potential friends.

@ChicoMaravillas @imacrea

I don't know of any, BUT apparently you can use iOS Mastodon apps with Pixelfed because they use the same technical standard (called ActivityPub).

@narF @ChicoMaravillas @imacrea

Yeah, there's apparently a few small changes that have to be made before it will work :/

@switchingsocial Yeah I've just joined the #fediverse as I've had a huge growing feeling of futility whenever I put any time into those walled gardens! What's the point when many contacts are in other walled gardens and all your hard work can be deleted for any reason the masters choose 😩 @Sam Schlinkert @morii @ImaCrea ✌️ Just a reminder that photo albums and photo sharing are also built into Osada so you don't necessarily need to use a dedicated photo platform for these kinds of activities. You can do many of these things from within your regular social stream app. Osada also supports private photos (even across domain boundaries) which many platforms do not. Mentioning this to enforce that you have lots of options.
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