Oh wow, seems to be getting lots of visitors lately :blobsurprised:

I guess it is possible to make popular if they're as user-friendly as the site they're replacing.

@switchingsocial sorry, my fault, I just migrated from Qwant to DuckDuckGo 😁

@switchingsocial do they say how many search terms contain !g ?

i really like #DuckDuckGo and it's my default, but for certain topics it doesn't work for me.. (still <10% i'd guess)

would be interesting to analyse the !bang usage...

Worth a look: Searx
Self hostable meta searchengine.

No dependency from one company and no trust needed.

If you're willing to trust or simply can't host Searx, have a look on this list of public instances:

@switchingsocial in fact i use it beacause i think that it is more comfortable than google.
for example you can serch a wikipedia article whith ddg by simply search `w! article`.

@switchingsocial It took me some time to switch (I tried, went back to Goog, tried with StartPage, went back to Goog)...what helped me make the recent permachange was a Stylish extension to streamline its look, and then I got into !bangs and yeah, I rarely use Googs anymore unless my search-engine-fu is not working on DDG

@switchingsocial Oh, it also helped when I switched my SlickRun keyword for web searches to "ducky" as in "Ducky easy dhal recipe"

I like that exponential curve. Can we extrapolate to a few years ahead?

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