Just got a request about Facebook alternatives on the Fediverse.

There are a number of options, but the one most suitable for non-technical people is probably Friendica.

Friendica's major instances are already federating through ActivityPub (on the development branch of the code), such as:

Friendica has a Facebook-like interface, and FB-like features such as events and photo albums.


Because doesn't federate with ActivityPub, so it isn't part of the Fediverse. lets you follow people on Mastodon and (when AP gets fully released) other Fediverse sites.

Also, Diaspora's development seems to have stopped, whereas Friendica has very active development with regular major updates (see attachments).

@switchingsocial is there an android app for I look on github for #friendiqa but i have a beautiful 404

Unfortunately, Friendqa is still very raw. It's best to stick to the mobile website


Also I wonder if some of the Mastodon apps might work with Friendica now that it's getting ActivityPub?

The API of Mastodon has nothing to do with ActivityPub. But there are plans to make Mastodon apps working with Friendica. We are currently in the process of completely rebuilding the internal structure. After that work reached our API, we can think of making it compatible.


Not as far as I'm aware.

If you want to create one, why not?

@switchingsocial Is Friendica suitable for a community or group around a single topic? I've tried Diaspora for that but it doesn't provide such an option.


I would say so. You don't have to federate it if you don't want to.

What was it that you needed which was missing from Diaspora?

@switchingsocial The part that I'm missing is a group or community with members that discuss one specific topic, for instance Inkscape. Much like a discussion forum.


There is a forum system in Friendica too, but it works slightly differently to how you would expect it.

You post a message as normal, but instead of using @ to message a particular user, you use ! to message a particular forum.

If you want to just read messages in a forum, there's a URL you can go to. For example this is the support forum:

Small correction: You should address the forum address via ! instead of @ - this ensures a better distribution of the post.

@switchingsocial Thanks very much. That's just the information I needed. I'm going to sign up and check Friendica out to see if it's a good replacement for our current G+ community.

@switchingsocial To clarify myself, I'm not talking about a non-federated pod just an option available within the current Friendica interface. Which looks much nicer than Diaspora BTW.

@switchingsocial What do you think of Misskey? has an Eng interface I guess


Hubzilla is currently a bit too confusing, especially for non-technical people.


Theres recently been a new release which has lots of work included to make things less confusing.
I've been looking at the test instance. They've not yet installed this release (but plan to soon). They are focusing on making their instance easy for new users.

@61 @Mike Macgirvin ☸ The Hyper-Drive Social Engine in Osada is amazing - content is pouring in from all the excellent people of the Fediverse. :-) @Eric Buijs @Mike Macgirvin ☸ Here is my stream in Osoda showing this thread. On the left you see the icon in Osoda for filtering posts by forums you are connected to. In the right panel you see a dropdown for new network activity where you can filter by name, new posts etc. There are also some helpful New Member Links to get you started - I like that. :-) @🇧🇪 Andy Costanza @Matt Noyes @Mike Macgirvin ☸ @Yuki @Michael Vogel

Hubzilla is not more complicated for non tech people than friendica.  It is just a question of tast.

But the best is really the new Osada for Facebook or Google + refugees

You can use all of them to build a theme community.
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