Don't let Google News decide which stories you see, control your own news with RSS:

Also, did you know you can follow any Mastodon account through RSS?

Just add ".rss" to the end of the account's address, for example:

@switchingsocial Merging all my news and Messages in one tool would be great.
But not in an RSS reader. Not enough structure, no replaying to messages.
RSS feeds can become Fediverse Posts. There are many tool sources and even services.
The handling may get improved / more integrated, a „Phonebook“ maybe?


I don't know if this is what you have in mind, but you can follow RSS feeds on Friendica just like they were other users. Their posts appear on your timeline just like any other post.

@switchingsocial So RSS Reading it’s a feature of the #Friendica server? Nice! Could we copy the code into the #Mastodon server?
I like alternative clients. But why do we need different server in the #Fediverse? Is there a table, comparing features of all Servers?

@switchingsocial BTW, #Firefox is removing Live Bookmarks in upcoming version 😥

Instead of mobile / desktop apps, I use #selfhosted web app - Miniflux is a great RSS aggregator + reader

@cedricbonhomme Nice. I haven't heard of Newspipe. Do you have some screenshots or video demo? How does it compare to Tiny Tiny RSS (I use TTRSS)?


@pla @switchingsocial
I never tried another, except aKregator nine years ago 😉
It just fits my needs.

There is an instance running on Heroku :

@switchingsocial Oh heck, that Mastodon RSS thing is a great tip!

My favorite RSS reader is Liferea, a desktop application.

I understand that most people these days seem to want web-based ones so they can bypass the desktop/phone sync problem. But maybe it's OK to not be in front of your news feeds literally every second of the day. :-P

@varx @switchingsocial I used tt-rss but now my favorite feed rss reader is #newsboat in a local machine😉

@switchingsocial the problem with RSS is that it's polling which is pretty nasty

@switchingsocial for RSS on Mac, Vienna is the way to go (open source, native and actively maintained)

@netcat @switchingsocial

Oh, I didn't know that! I use #RSSOwl and it works very fine for me so far!
But I agree: if looking for something new, un-maintained software is not the best choise!

@netcat @switchingsocial

Oh, I only now read the "and-has-several-known-vulnerabilities" part - maybe I should reconsidere! 😟

@el_joa @switchingsocial yes, this part doesn't sound very encouraging. I don't know how severe those vulnerabilities are, but I'm not feeling comfortable using such a software. Can't recommend anything else though, because I still struggle to find desktop RSS reader that suits all my needs.

@netcat @switchingsocial

I, too tried to find out what exactyl those vulnerabilities are (to maybe check if the apply to me, and/or if i can live with them), but failed.

Thanks for the input, that you haven't found a simmilarly good dektop rss reader.

I'll probably stick with #RSSOwl for now, but with a bad feeling. :-(

That's cool! I actually like to do it the other way around: I consume RSS feeds through Mastodon with bots from - This allows for easy commenting.


Another option is Friendica, you can follow RSS feeds just like they're ordinary users and they appear in your stream, no need for bots.

@switchingsocial Nextcloud has a RSS app, which can sync with certain Moblie and Desktop apps.

So, you can either read on web, or use native mobile / desktop apps to read your RSS and it all remains synced with each other.
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