Some more book-related : - Community for swapping books powered by libre software & WikiData, follow them on here at @inventaire - eBook storage site with social features, follow them on here at @kevinbeynon - Huge non-profit online library with downloads for PD books and lending for non-PD titles. - Open source eBook organiser/editor and format converter

@switchingsocial Thank you for Inventaire! I found something similar in French, but was hoping for a libre alternative, and here it is! :)


If you go to your profile and click on the three dots ... you can view your favourites (the posts you click a star on).


By the way, if you want to see the links above and others, you can find them on the Amazon alternatives page of


Gutenberg is brilliant!

It was on a previous post though, so I didn't want to repeat it.

You can see all of these links and more on's Amazon alternatives page:


Calibre really is the best of the best for ebook management. The developer is very responsive and there is a thriving community of plug-in contributors.


I would also give a shoutout to AmuseWiki, which let's you build an eBook library site with some excellent features (exporting to various formats, community editing backed by git, and tools for building physical collections, to name a few):

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