Just had a report (thank you @schlink !) that doesn't load for some people.

This is total news to me :/

If the site doesn't load, can you let me know, and if possible look at the browser's error details section for why it didn't load?

(It works fine for me, so it's difficult for me to troubleshoot on my own.)

@switchingsocial does your site require a JS for being loaded? Maybe the issue is that those people has JS disabled in the browser


Good idea, but just tried it and the site loads fine (for me at least) with JS disabled :/


Thanks for the suggestion! I checked it out, Switching uses Comodo, so I think it's ok.

Maybe this is just a freak broken thing that happens sometimes on the internet. It looks like most can get through ok.

Works for me in Nightly so it's not that, neither the aggressive content filter of private mode.

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