In case you missed it:

The Brave web browser is funded by venture capital and sells advertising space to replace the ads it blocks.

Here's their ad-sales site:

"funded by Founders Fund, Foundation Capital, Propel Venture Partners, Pantera Capital, DCG, Danhua Capital, and Huiyin Blockchain Venture among others."

You might want to consider other options if you still use .

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@switchingsocial @hypolite Thanks for posting, I was considering moving to #Brave as an alternative .... no more!

As far as I could tell, if you opt-in BAT creates an advertising profile for you based on your cryptocurrency wallet, shows you ads in system notifications (instead of on webpages) and shares 15% of the ad revenue with you.

But isn't the point of blocking ads and trackers not to have a personally identifiable profile in the first place?

@hypolite @switchingsocial They *claim* on their homepage (cited in the original toot) that your profile is maintained exclusively on the client device. Maintained by client-device-local AI, whatever that means. (Maybe it means lots of CPU cycles!)

Thanks for the elaboration, I'll admit that cryptocurrencies and ads are warding me off so I didn't look too deep into it.

@switchingsocial @hypolite
Do you have any recommandation for an alternative to Brave on Android ? On my phone, Firefox is slow as hell and Firefox Focus is lacking password management.

I have people ask me why I don't use brave and they are totally caught off guard when I make mention of this stuff, it is shocking how well their marketing for it has worked.

@switchingsocial @hypolite What options are there if Safari, Firefox and Brave are obsolete? Do you have suggestions for an honest paying model? Developers must earn a living too and servers cost a lot of energy.

@KeaW @hypolite

For what it's worth,'s current recommendation is Firefox with mBlock Origin (not mBlock) and Privacy Badger. These are relatively effective and easy to use.

You should also switch off error reporting from the settings menu, and, if you're comfortable with it, edit the about:config to remove the telemetry URLs.

@switchingsocial @hypolite Have done that before. Now I use a new French browser: URBrowser and Safari with Better if I need a flash player. Gave up Firefox because it partnered with Google. Well, Apple also recieved mony from Google.....

@dada Effectivement la liste des investisseurs et la présentation du "modèle économique" glacent un peu... Je crois que je vais devoir abandonner #Brave ASAP

@switchingsocial It's not a recent news -- to me. That's already written on its Wikipedia article for a long time.


Firefox with mBlock Origin and Privacy Badger add-ons installed.

Also, turn off the error reporting in the settings menu, and (if you are comfortable with it) delete the telemetry URLs from the about:config page. mBlock Origin??? You mean, uBlock Origin, right?

@switchingsocial @hypolite that website becomes more and more creepy as you scroll down. Ouch.

@switchingsocial @hypolite honestly i kinda liked the idea of bat coin as long as they let me disable it (witch i think they do)
but now that I'm aware that they are "massive right wing Chuds"
i think I'll continue using Firefox

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