Surprise surprise 😱

"Google has been accused of breaking promises to patients, after the company announced it would be moving a healthcare-focused subsidiary, DeepMind Health, into the main arm of the organisation." (via @jcbrand )

Reminder that patients did not even give consent to this data going to Google in the first place:

Google has no problem breaking privacy promises. They cannot be trusted.

@switchingsocial @jcbrand But hey, at least they funded some #PlatformCoop stuff, so they're cool, right? [/sarc]

@GuerillaOntologist @switchingsocial

I'm not a big Google fan and de-googlized my life after the Snowden revelations (in 2013 or so?)

That said, if they fund worthwhile projects, that's a good thing and commendable. The question is of course whether funding comes with strings attached (often implicit).

@jcbrand @switchingsocial I wonder if we'd apply the same logic to an individual?

"Sure, John is a creepy peeping-tom, but he donated 50 cents to the Food Bank, so that's commendable."

The funding (while of course coming with strings firmly attached) is also a pittance for Google. That's literally 5 seconds of revenue - like me throwing a quarter to a homeless guy. He might think it's a lot, but do I really deserve to be called a philanthropist?

@GuerillaOntologist @switchingsocial

You make it a bit ridiculous by saying "50 cents". I don't know the extent of Google's donations, but if a flawed individual (as we all are) does a good deed, I definitely commend them for that.

@jcbrand @switchingsocial The platform co-op toolkit grant was for $1 million. Big money to us, but not even a rounding error for Google.

@jcbrand @switchingsocial
And the other big question is, where does Google get it's money? How can it afford to throw $1 million at anything in the first place? If the answer is through monopolistic practices and unscrupulous data collection, then isn't it the case that this co-op project is benefiting from the very things we're trying to replace? If it is the case that they are simply using some of their ill-gotten gains for PR purposes, is that really commendable, or is it just devious?

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