is an open source federated social network:

It's one of the longest-running open social networks, and has the second largest userbase after Mastodon.

It doesn't federate through the more common ActivityPub standard (which Mastodon, Pleroma, PeerTube etc use), but instead uses its own Diaspora standard.

There's no character limit on Diaspora posts and they support markup, so it can be used as a sort of Tumblr-style blogging system too.


To make clear:

Diaspora does federate, but it does not use ActivityPub, so it is not compatible with Mastodon etc.

Diaspora has its own federation standard called "Diaspora".

@Maritrini They have their own Network called "The Federation". They used to federate with #OStatus for a few weeks or months (can't remember, that was like 5, 6 years ago I think), then decided to drop it and concentrate on "The Federation".

#TheFederation have other software connected to it like #Socialhome to mention one. #Diaspora is the flagship software and most common.

#ActivityPub was not yet even thought of, as the brain behind AP was still with his original OStatus project #StatusNet (a.k.a. Laconica/Identica) at this time. StatusNet is known today as GNU Social after the founder and main dev left to create, it was during this time that the first ideas of what would much later become ActivityPub started forming. He left(?) to pursue and push for ActivityPub with all parties/devs involved (or who answered to his calls).

@ayane @switchingsocial I know hehe, but it feels wrong that they decide against using the Activity Pub standard, which is now even recommended by the W3C iirc. They just break the community into two, imho.

@ayane @switchingsocial I've always wondered, would it be so hard to build a kind of "bridge" between the two protocols?

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Mastodon is a microblogging site that federates with most instances on the Fediverse.