Good point from @cidney asking about Tumblr alternatives.

As far as I know, there are no current open federated alternatives to Tumblr?

If there isn't, does anyone know if there's one being worked on?


Yeah, maybe closest? Wish Pleroma had a better on-boarding site though, the current one is a bit too techy :/

@switchingsocial i believe i heard someone working on something similar a while back but i don't quite remember what it was called

@jalcine @cidney

Yeah, but it also includes (optional) text-only posts, and has reblogging and page customisation options too. Nothing current seems an exact fit? :/

@jalcine @switchingsocial Originally it was "like Twitter, except without a character limit". Some people post mostly art, others post mostly text, most posts are just reblogs. I suggested Pleroma to my friend who was asking, but there's no direct alternative.

@switchingsocial @cidney Yeah, I have never heard of one. Actually I'm not sure it's possible to implement a true tumble blog on AS? Is the "no comments on boosts" purely a mastodon thing or is it baked into AS?

@mattbk @switchingsocial @cidney @Gargron There is an open issue for it on github. It's technically doable it looks like, question is of if it should be done, and implementation details.

@switchingsocial @cidney The word pillowfort keeps being thrown around as a tumblr alternative, but I don't know any more than that

@cidney @switchingsocial there's also but I don't know anything about it, beyond the fact that it exists either.


I think or are probably the best equivalents to tumblr

@switchingsocial @cidney controversial!

Pleroma kinda reminds me of tumblr, not in any actual capacity but in aesthetics and functionality, you could probably hack together a more 'tumblr' front-end ontop of pleromas backend and it'd be perfectly functional for the task.
@oct2pus @switchingsocial @cidney pretty much looks pretty much indistinguishable from a handful of tumblr blogs i've seen lol
@oct2pus @switchingsocial @cidney looks pretty much indistinguishable from a handful of tumblr blogs i've seen lol
@scarlett @oct2pus @switchingsocial @cidney For a really typical tumblr I think it lacks a audio player and custom cursor with sparkles.
@oct2pus @scarlett @switchingsocial @cidney Yeah, a audio player can easily be added in the instance specific panel and cursor is just CSS.

@karen @oct2pus @scarlett @switchingsocial @cidney I think Plume wants to be a full ActivityPub blog platform, but I'm not sure how mature that project is. There's, but it's closed/commercial. There was one other that was in alpha but I can't remember it or find it now.

@switchingsocial @cidney i was hoping Plume could become that, but they seem to be moving more into the Blogger-alternative direction.

What makes Tumblr for me is: a dash, much more reblogging and commenting instead of people talking to themselves on their own blog, and the long resulting threads that are blogged around forever. Also, posts that mix text, photos, videos and can be any length. And fandom communities forming. And shitposting.

@switchingsocial I think it depends on your usage of tumblr, I think friendica would be the 1:1 replacement, specially as you can follow tumblr’s RSS feed into it and share them.
But I would encourage to try new things anyway.

@switchingsocial @cidney SocialHome is a Tumblr/Pinterest style federated network. It federates with Diaspora/Hubzilla/Frendica.

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