is a free open source alternative to the event planning site

You can use the first GetTogether instance here:

and follow the project here:


The project is also working on federating instances together using the ActivityPub standard (which Mastodon, Pleroma, PeerTube etc also use).

@switchingsocial @GetTogetherComm Our local community has been looking for something like this for soo long! Thank you so much for this


Got to say I've *never* come across an event on In my experience, Eventbrite & Facebook are the frequently used platforms. The former because of mindshare, the latter due to network effect.

To help counteract the network effect all the decentralised & federated platforms need to be able to talk to each other.

Good luck @GetTogetherComm

@fitheach @switchingsocial @GetTogetherComm I did once. Went to a gig and failed to find anybody. The people who regularly went seemed to hang out and have other methods of communication. Messages went unanswered but they posted meets there.

That maybe says more about the organisation holding the meeting, rather than the platform used to promote the event.

@switchingsocial @GetTogetherComm

Also in my experience, there are two general types of event. Firstly, those where only the event details need to be broadcast and possibly includes an iCal download. The second type is where the organisers want to track and register the number of attendees. This latter type requires much work by both organisers and attendees.

@fitheach Yeah of course I didn't write them off for that and, since I don't us FB, I have glanced over Meetup several times when I have moved. Not found anything yet but imagine it can work reasonably well given the limitations you outlined.

@fitheach @krozruch @GetTogetherComm

Absolutely, it's totally down to the organisers.

It's like ebay, some sellers might be flaky while others are reliable, it works on a system of trusting the specific people you're dealing with rather than the whole platform itself.

It probably depends a lot on your location. Here in HK, meetup is pretty common for general gettogethers. Eventbrite is used more by organised networks that have some kind of local branch, and by corporate types. I'm not aware of any non-private events arranged on Facebook.

> It probably depends a lot on your location.
Absolutely, and that was my point.

Eventbrite definitely gets used here by small groups, political organisations and individuals.

The same sort of groups also use Facebook. Usage of FB for events might be even more common, but I'm not seeing it as I don't have an account.

I have seen small/medium sized businesses using FB for events.

@switchingsocial @GetTogetherComm

FB is on the rise here for events. In Sweden it's already huge.

Yeah, as well as the network effect there is the frictionless effect. People are already on Facebook and therefore don't need to sign up for another service to post events.

Your replies aren't including the other users in the conversation, I'm manually adding them. I'm forgetting, is this a Friendica "feature"?

@switchingsocial @GetTogetherComm

It's me being lazy, I would have to type them manually (but with auto-completion) to include them. But also I don't think everyone is necessarily interested in the subthread. They will see the messages in their timeline either way, and could check back on the conversation at any time, but they won't get notifications on every message.

Our discussion about event publishing web apps was on-topic and would surely be of interest to the others in the thread.

The Mastodon web UI automatically includes all mentioned users when you press the reply button. I've noticed before that automatic inclusion doesn't seem to happen with (some) Friendica or Hubzilla clients.

@fitheach @GetTogetherComm

Because of its "real world" basis, use of MeetUp (and indeed GetTogether) really depends on your area.

Where I live it's very frequently used, but in other areas it might not be used at all. Unlike other social media etc, the network effect on a real life meeting system is very local to a particular physical area.

I've posted before why GetTogether would really suit federation because of this 👍

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