is a free open source privacy-conscious alternative to Skype. Jami has no servers, calls are encrypted peer-to-peer, with personal data stored only on the devices making the call.

It's available for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux from its official site:

You can follow it on here:


Jami used to be known as "Ring", and has very recently changed its name. You may see both names used during the transition period.


Small update, Jami (formerly Ring) has a new website address:

and a new fediverse account:



(...and it's also on commercial app stores like Google Play, Apple App Store etc)


Weird... maybe the name change has confused the search system somehow? Anyway, it is there and the direct link to F-droid is on the official Jami/Ring website too 👍

@switchingsocial @djoerd @ring @fdroidorg

In fact the FDroid for now is a bit stalled. We wanted to have auto-updates on this store as described in the FDroid documentation, but their system seems to not like submodules... The PR is here:


Ring IM changed name to Jami ?

Any word why?


I think there was a different app also called Ring, maybe they are trying to avoid confusion.


I think Jami is better than ring.

Ring name confuses others whenever I promote the app

@AmarOk @switchingsocial

Please quote. I asked here because lazy to read long paragraph

@noorul @switchingsocial I am a bit lazy to rewrite again and again what we wrote too. But i short, Ring is too generic, used by other companies too, leading to confusion for users.
Also it's an old decision but they think now it's the good time to do that.


Thank you for short explanation.

I agree to the points. Whether it's called Ring & Rose,

I've it on Android but unfortunately, rarely make it work on the calls.

@noorul If you have network configurations where it doesn't work, please open some tickets. We can test on a lot of config, but still, there is too much ocnfigurations to test :)


Yes, I can do that. I am keeping installation of #Jami for various devices for my family & myself


that's better suggestion. I open up ticket

@noorul @switchingsocial
"Ring" has really poor discoverablity I guess. I mean, if you search for "Skype" you or "whatsapp" you know what'll come up as they're not common words. "Ring" would need more words in the search for clarification (signal is another example -_-)

@djabadu @switchingsocial


Signal is not as common as ring. I often tag them as #ringcx #signalIM

@noorul @switchingsocial you can find some words about it on the news page 😉

I guess the confusion with non-free, trademarked commercial apps and the difficulties to find the project via mainstream web search engines were among the biggest issues

@switchingsocial @ring Checking out the website, it looks very interesting!

Not to knock on it, but seeing the site mention of the Etherium blockchains leaves me wondering why? From my understanding it's DHTs that do what they want.

Still if I'm tempted to promote it to those who want to communicate with me!

@alcinnz In fact the "blockchain" is just for the name server (, it's not mandatory and you can have your own name server system (I only use a JSON file on my website for example). It's not a main point. is the core here. @switchingsocial @ring The @Bob Mottram 🔧 ☕ ✅ @Scott Nesbitt , because most people can follow a link to a secured video call but not install an app without help.

@haakon @bob

Jitsi is literally the next on the list (I'm going through alphabetically!) 👍

@mmu_man It should. For now the Qt client is onlyfor win, but will be ported to GNU/Linux when I will have the time to do that (and for MacOS too when the dev will have the time). But not a priority for now. @switchingsocial @ring

@cyndn @ring

Apparently to avoid trademark problems with other apps that used the same name.

(And as others have pointed out, it's easier to search for Jami than Ring.)

@switchingsocial is now the official website. The new website is almost here. Changing name is a bit a pain :)

@switchingsocial So, it's basically Skype before the Microsoft apocalypse?

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