is an open source video conference service which is extremely easy to use.

There's no registration, just make up the name of a room and share the link with whoever you want to talk to. (You can also password-protect the room if you want.)

The website is at:

There are also apps available for Android and iOS, links at the bottom of the website.

@BartG95 @switchingsocial

So that mean no Jitsi client on Fdroid.

We r fine #Riot superb UI to use but ordinary users feel difficult with Riot and etc.

#Jitsimeet is simple UI. Easy to start.

We've to think from users perceptive too

@switchingsocial I remembered that Snowden used Jitsi during his presentation about the refugees that sheltered him in Hong Kong at 34C3 (the 34th CCC).

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