is a Canadian brand of eReaders.

They're nice devices, they work with all popular DRM-free file types (including ePub, PDF, MOBI etc), and the built-in Kobo store also sells some DRM-free titles alongside DRM ones.

The official site is here:

There's an unofficial Kobo DRM-free search tool here:

There's also unofficial libre firmware you can install:

@switchingsocial I just looove Kobo brand!
It was my first e-reader and I never left it for anything else. Simple, minimal, yet perfect!

@switchingsocial I think it's now a Japanese ebook company after they were bought out by Rakuten, but still good ;)

Kobo is a subsidiary of Rakuten, Inc., a company called "The Amazon of Japan". It might be accurate to call Kobo a Canadian company but I fear it gives the wrong impression to people that might not know that they were bought in 2012.
That said, a do love my Kobo eReader. Though, I'm ignorant of Rakuten's business practices so that may change.

@Orthodoxy_is_unconsciousness @switchingsocial Rakuten also recently acquired I've been curious to see if the integrity, business practices, and mission of these companies continues, maybe gets better, or tanks. I'm hoping it doesn't tank :) I love that Kobo and OverDrive are alternatives to the Amazon machine (though OverDrive works closely with it...).

@switchingsocial My brother just got one a couple of months ago and loves it.

I have just been trying to sort out this problem, and will probably get a Kobo to replace my old Kindle.

But is down? I can't access it. :(


Yeah, host is having server problems according to their status page :blobsad:

@switchingsocial is a great resource! Thanks for doing that.

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