is a privacy-conscious smartphone made by Linux laptop manufacturer @Purism

It runs on GNU Linux (*not* Android). It comes with PureOS by default, and you can install other forms of Linux if you prefer.

The modem is separated from the CPU, and there are kill switches for the camera, mic, wireless and modem.

More info at:

Preorders at:

@linux @switchingsocial @Purism 1200€ and…

> NOTE: Necunos NC_1 is an engineering unit. It does not have cellular modem or SIM-card slot.


I think I'll wait…

@mathieu @switchingsocial @Purism

Let's support these efforts, even for a tertiary device. If you got the money.

We're not getting anywhere everyone keeping it with Google / Android... Right?

@linux @switchingsocial @Purism the important part being "if you've got the money".

1200€ is **a lot** of money to be able to spare on what is essentially a tiny computer without an Internet connection.

@mathieu @switchingsocial @Purism

Of course. But it's there.

If no money, or will for privacy, one can go on as is.

The prices are to go down in near future, but ONLY if many people enough are willing to make sacrifice.

Most just sell themselves on convenience :thinkhappy:

@switchingsocial will this phone work in the US, might get one after my nexus 5 inevitably dies.

@switchingsocial @Purism I've researched Librem 5 a little and I'd gladly support it, but they don't even have a final spec yet. I'll wait for the review of the first model before I buy it.

@alxd @switchingsocial @Purism They’re not very good with specs in general. For their laptops they don’t even tell you the display resolution upfront.

@melgu @alxd @switchingsocial @Purism
Right! At previous versions of the website, there were much more specs, which by the way are really appealing besides the display size of 5.7" -- and I can't find out the ratio! If its long and narrow, that's better than short and wide, for me...

@switchingsocial @Purism It can plug into a monitor and work like a normal computer? This is extremely appealing to me.

Looks like the monitor is proprietary though? I have enough monitors laying around. I don’t want to have to buy another. Same with keyboard and mouse.

I would love to be able to Bluetooth any keyboard and mouse + an adaptor to have multiple monitors plugged in.

I’ve always dreamed about being able to get rid of my computer(s) and just carry my phone and some accessories.

I am working on porting @gnome apps on it, and I sometimes toot about that. 😁

@switchingsocial I'm curious about the phone's reliance on Matrix... from what I understand their E2E encryption is still in beta. There's no way to run Signal or Wire on the Librem 5, right? cc @Purism

@schlink @switchingsocial @Purism
Maybe with "Anbox" that's possible? It's not even virtualization (which the Librem 5 CPU won't support), but containerization.

@switchingsocial @Purism I wonder how much control of the radio you have?

This kind of phone could enable some interesting decentralized communication experiments.

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