Time for... 🍰 β˜• πŸ˜€

πŸ“± @fdroid_lurker F-Droid Observatory: recommendations for nice apps on @fdroidorg

πŸ’» @freedombone FreedomBone: Project to make self-hosting easier

❀️ @indie makers of the @better privacy tool

πŸ“ Write Freely Blog: Official news about the open federated blogging platform

πŸ‘• @plusea Plusea: Wearable electronic textiles/clothes

@switchingsocial Why does Write Freely redirect me to a webpage? How do you do that if it looks like a username?


It's a blog on an instance of Write Freely.

At least for me, clicking on that username brings up its profile page in Mastodon.

If you can't see the profile page, you can copy the address into the search box of Mastodon to get a follow icon.


The blog's full username is AT writefreely AT

The write freely project's website is at

Not everyone is using Mastodon - I guess that @writefreely is using some ActivityPub enabled blog.
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