is an app that lets you easily browse wiki and stackexchange sites offline.

It's extremely useful for people who cannot access a reliable internet connection for whatever reason. (For example, some sailors will download a copy of wikipedia onto Kiwix in port to browse it while at sea.)

Kiwix is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS:

You can also make a local Kiwix server on a Raspberry Pi:

Just to add, Kiwix also generates a local index so you can search the content offline. This is really crucial on large reference works like Wikipedia

@switchingsocial Odd question: do you know how large an offline Wikipedia is?


Not odd question at all, there's download links and file sizes for various kinds of Kiwix content here:

Full English language Wikipedia (but without videos) is 80 gigabytes


English wikipedia is 80 gigabytes with pictures, or 35 gigabytes with just text.

There's also a range of smaller files that cover just part of Wikipedia, and other wiki sites and stackexchange sites:

@switchingsocial Cool, I can download the whole Wikipedia Chinese since it is blocked in the mainland of China.


That's exactly the kind of situation Kiwix is designed for 👍

I've downloaded the Arch Wiki for fun but you could use this for good like for people in North Korea who don't have access to Internet.

@rob @switchingsocial dropping Wikipedia out of planes is the new dropping leaflets.

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